Local Riders Michelle Hytner and Nate Doggg Bag First Chair

Opening Day of the 2011/2012 Ski season at Arapahoe Basin in Colorado on October 13, 2011 Photo By Soren McCarty | Mountain Weekly News

We caught up with a couple of the people that make a point to get the first chair at opening day of Colorado’s first ski resort each year. If you ever wondered what it takes to be the first person to ski or Local Riders each season read the interview below with Michelle Hytner and Nate Doggg.

MTN: First Tell me a little about yourselves, How old are you, where are you from, what do you do for a living, How long you have been skiing/riding
MH: 21, I live in Breckenridge by way of Virginia and NYC, I’ve been riding 6 years.
ND: I’m 33 from Minnesota live in Breckenridge for 15 years. I snowboard for a living. I’ve been snowboarding for 20 years.

MTN: How many years have you been getting first chair?
MH: 2 Years
ND: I have had first chair for 16 years consecutively at the first resort that opens.

MTN: What does one have to do to get first chair?
MH: Be hardcore! Make it your #1 priority. And always bring buds, which have your back no matter what!
ND: You have to be committed to staying in your car for up to a week before the actual first chair. You have to know before the press release when actually they’ll open by know how long it takes for the man made snow to make it to the bottom.

MTN: How many ski area opening do you go to per season?
MH: Usually just Loveland and Breck
ND: we only need to get the first resort opening per season. That’s the only first chair that matters

MTN:I noticed you guys holding up sings/boards for you sponsors, who are you sponsored by and how can the mtnweekly.com get on the band wagon?
MH: I’m sponsored by Powerbar. Give me an address and I’ll send you tasty treats!
ND: I’m sponsored by Solid snowboards, Bolle eyewear and S.R.H. Clothing. Its hard to get sponsored I suggest you work hard for yourself to get yours.

MTN: How many powder days throughout the year do you get first chair for?
MH: I try to stay away from the resorts on “pow days”. I don’t enjoy the POW day stress rush. I’m always in the backcountry.
ND: It’s hard to get those first chairs but we get as many early morning POW days as possible

MTN: How many days on the hill do you average per season?
MH: A little over 100.
ND: I average 150 on hill and 30 backcountry.

MTN: Which mountains do you ride most?
MH: Breckenridge and all backcountry zones in the tri county area 🙂
ND: I live in Breck so that’s my most frequented mountain.

MTN: What’s to keep some young punk from scooping first chair from you?
MH: The fearsome raw power of the Nate Dogggg!
ND: the second any young punk steps into that position we make sure they know who’s first chair it is and that their more then welcome to second chair.

Editors Note: I got a chance to ride with “Meesh” this winter while on the TNF Masters tour, she not only loves snowboarding but rips!!

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