Interview with Freeride World Tour Winner Maria DeBaria

Maria DeBari 2011 Photo C Margot Verbier

Snowboarder Maria DeBari has won the 2011-2012 Freeride World Tour. Maria has been crushing it all season on the big mountain contest circuit with a recent 1st place finish in Verbier, a win in Chamonix a few months back along with a second place finish at TNF Masters at Crystal Mountain, USA.

We spoke with Maria mid winter and thought this would be a great time to run the interview.

Freeride World Tour Winner Maria DeBari’s Winning Run

MWN: How’s it feel to be back in Chamonix atop the podium?
MARIA: Great! i had no idea how it was going to go, I am stoked i did so well.

MWN: What are your plans for the rest of the season?
MARIA: Ride lots of powder, Mt. Baker Banked Slalom, 2 or 3 more stops of the freeride world tour, and the  Masters!

MWN: Who are you riding for these days?
MARIA: Gnu and TNF

MWN: Any advise you can give to other ladies looking to get into riding big mountain lines?
MARIA: Take an avalanche class and make sure you feel comfortable with what youre doing. Watch out for your slough… The rest is just snowboarding..

Mens Freeride Tour Winner Ralph Backstrom

Another one of our friends did well on the Men’s side – Ralph Backstrom.

Ralph Backstrom Crystal Mountain Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

Ralph Backstrom Crystal Mountain Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

Ralph Backstrom is crushing the big mountain snowboard world. One can only wonder if his brother Arn is looking down on him sending good vibes. Voodoo or not Ralphie is a strong rider and great ambassador for the sport of snowboarding.

Interview with Ralph to follow when he gets back from Italy.

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