• Ernst

    Like most of Kaslo s backcountry, Mt. Carlyle offers a great variety of terrain, with 5 drainages situated within close proximity to the lodge. That s what Kaslo is all about: great back country skiing!

  • Tyler

    The wood-fired sauna is a definite plus; It does double-duty heating the shower water, too!
    *Keep your eyes peeled for a mid-Spring story on The Sourdough Traverse, a multi-day hike and camp through the Mount Carlyle tenure- Bomber has two outfitted campsites (tents, stoves, etc) at alpine lakes along the traverse, ridge-walking in the mountains at the 6000 foot mark and above = glaciers in every direction! (the last night on the trek has you at the lodge, sauna and showers available to get the trail grime off- I did the hike in late September and it was mind-blowing)

  • Erin

    I love Mount Carlyle! This is such a great article about it! Amazing view, terrain, food, caretakers and of course the sauna (my favorite thing!)