Best Beards in Snowboarding

Snowboarding's Best Beards

Snowboarders with beards and long hair have always been found all over the mountain. But over the past few years the guys seem to be taking to this trend more and more. Is it because it keeps their faces warm? Is it a display of prowess? Or just easier than shaving? No matter the reason, the ladies have love for the lumberjack look and the abundance of bearded babes in snowboarding. In fact, we’re all happy to have them.

Top Snowboarder Beards

1. Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson’s non-stop progress in snowboarding is a clear demonstration of perseverance and patience. His facial hair is also a testament to his ability to take things to the next level. That’s why this boarder tops our best beards in snowboarding list.

2. Danny Davis

Danny Davis

Danny Davis’ competition history is enough to turn most men green. So is his rugged look. Not only does this X Games Superpipe winner have a beard, he’s also got long flowing locks and a mean switch method.

3. Laurent Nicolas Paquin

Laurent Nicolas Paquin

Laurent Nicolas Paquin is one of the best jib riders in the world. His throwback fashion includes a thick beard and a DIY style that carries through into his riding. Snowboarders everywhere can be glad to have this Quebec native in the loop because he brings fast, fun and free style strait to the rails. Along with excessive hairiness.

4. Bob Athey

Bob Athey

Bob Athey is dat dude. You’ll find him riding in the backcountry bringing an eccentric flare that puts new-schoolers in their place. There’s not much any of the younger snowboarders with beards have on the Wizard of the Wasatch.

5. Mike Hardaker

Mike Hardaker

And the #1 best beard in snowboarding belongs to our Mountain Weekly Editor: Mike Hardaker. We can thank Mike for bringing Mountain Weekly into existence and for maintaining that classic surfer, snowboarder, hippie style. Let’s face it… trends come and go but true mountain men aren’t jumping on the Lumberjack bandwagon – they’ve had beards for years. And for keeping it real Mike gets our #1 spot. Even if it get’s him dirty looks in the lineup!

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