Professional Snowboarders Need Your Money, Bro

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Lately, I keep seeing all these Kickstarter, gofundme campaigns being floated around. Essentially it’s asking other people for money. Something, personally I haven’t felt comfortable doing even with my own family, maybe it’s my Irish guilt who knows but asking random strangers on the internet for a few bucks seems weird.

Here’s a few examples of these interesting ways to earn money related to snowboarding.

RV Life

First up is Professional snowboarder Lucas Magoon and his wife Tonya. They have set up a Gofundme campaign to live in an RV for 10 years. However, they are only asking for $8,500 which from past experience road tripping across the country will only last them a few years if they are really cheap. What makes this gofundme campaign unique and sort of cool is for $20 you get a piece of custom artwork from both of them. Now, this could be a sticky note or actual painting, who knows but at least your $20 goes toward art and helping to support this couple on the road.

The Bus Life


Next up is a crew of professional snowboarders and photographers headed up by Brock Butterfield that had a very ambitious plan to buy 4×4 school bus and convert it into a badass mountain mobile that the guys would spend a winter living and traveling in 88 square feet of radness. Unlike the Magoon’s there are no ladies in this group, with 4 grown men and 8 snowboard boots at minimum odds are that vans gonna get stank pretty quick.

Seems these boys have been having some troubles along the way although 134 backers gave them a total of $9,329 (is that even enough to cover the cost of the van and upgrades?) I was ready to throw this crew some money and then I noticed a swastika picture posted on their Kickstarter campaign, I emailed the homie told him my thoughts and was told it was art.. Yikes, my heritage might disagree with ya on that, wishing you boys the best of luck. When in doubt just ask Dad to put more money on the Chase card, you guys will be fine.. Learn more here:

[UPDATE] 4/16 Just to be clear I do not think Brock or this crew is racist, I simply the question the use of a piece of art with crazy symbolism while asking others for money, the irony runs deep in my blood on this one. Cheers to your friends so near. And if people want to keep leaving nasty comments, text, and calls so be it.

Turns out you’re paying attention to what I have to say.. that’s a good thing right?

John Kaiser Snowboard

Now I do plan to give money to this campaign to help support the injuries John Kaiser, a guy that has worked in the snowboard industry for easily a decade probably much longer. He got broken off in the halfpipe at Sun Valley and has medical bills that need to be paid. So far a generous $16,000 has been donated out of the possible $20,000 needed for his recovery.

No offense is meant to any of the professional snowboarders mentioned in this article trying to live the dream. My only thoughts are these are pro’s right? They get paid to snowboard already from sponsors, they get thrown tons of free gear and typically don’t have to buy a thing, get to snowboard for free at any resorts they wish if they are halfway decent at marketing themselves or know how so to send an email so what’s wrong with getting a “real” job like the rest of us?

Everyone living in the mountains knows that if you have been introduced to skiing and snowboarding odds are you are not poor and did not come from a poor family. The elephant just left the room, carry on.

P.S. I just threw the Magoons some loot, excited to see the art they make for a fan 🙂

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Mike Hardaker
Mike Hardaker grew up surfing and snowboarding in Orange County and followed his love of surfing to Hawaii before eventually moving to the mountains to concentrate on snowboarding. He went on to found Mountain Weekly News where he is still CEO and Editor in Chief.

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  1. Egan Gleason | May 9, 2015 at 11:25 AM | Reply

    Hey there, buddy: Where do I even begin? “Professional Snowboarder” (unless you’re Travis Rice) usually equates to some free gear and a very limited travel budget. My good friends who are doing the Bus Life Adventure are working very hard with very little money to achieve personal, lifelong goals. Their bus does not smell. They are absolutely CRUSHING life. For you to pass judgment on them from the safety of your computer is the most chicken-shit, childish, and pathetic thing I have seen in a long time. What have you done in your pathetic life besides slander people on your shitty blog?

    Swastika photos? Like they are Aryan brotherhood members? That was a photo Brock took because he wanted to detail some of the crazy, weird things they have seen on their adventure. This country is not all sunshine and lollipops, Sport.
    How is any of this your business in the first place? Your “job”, it appears, is to write shitty, irrelevant blog posts for a shitty website. Maybe if you wrote positive, meaningful posts your work would be recognized. But then again, probably not: you write like a third grader. Go back to English class, get above an 8th grade reading level, and try again. Then, go do something meaningful with your life and be recognized for it. After that, maybe people will take you seriously. But then again, probably not.

  2. Avran LeFeber | April 27, 2015 at 11:47 AM | Reply

    Taking bad spelling, grammar, and the whole self aggrandizing out of this it boils down to one thing. Mike Hardaker is a poser. Now sure some might see this as me slinging mud back on a topic that was written to rustle peoples jimmies, that’s fine you can interpret this how you want. I know how to stir the shit pot really well and have been doing it far longer than this guy. I also know how to make an actual point and get it across. I will do that with this response and whomever reads it can agree or disagree with me.

    The fact remains that he is a poser. Even worse is he is a poser in a position. The position of media. These are the worst kind of posers as they’re the succubus that take from snowboarding and don’t give back. They’re the ones that came along after snowboarding became “cool” and jumped in on it so they could hang around with the “me too” people. You’re part of the problem and not part of the solution.

    There is a complete lack of good original content on this site, plenty of “original” if you mean it was produced by you, but there is no originality on this site. But that argument isn’t why we are here and I’m not going to delve into that, because it is my opinion albeit one that seems to be shared with multiple people.

    The cold harsh reality of “pro” snowboarding is that to be successful at it you are the 1% of the 1%. These are the riders that can sustain themselves off a check from their company sponsors. But for every 1 person in this 1% that can do that there are countless others that are doing whatever it takes to scrape by. But alas Mike isn’t in a position to wipe the shit from his eyes and see this, so like a blind monkey wallowing in his own fecal matter he throws shit at the proverbial wall to see if it will stick. Kudos sir you found a way to get peoples attention. Now you have to live with the responses.

    There are a few factual inaccuracies in this article I want to point out aside from them being paid. While it is true riders do get free gear, there is a limit to this depending on the level of sponsorship. I doubt Mike has ever had a top tier rider show up at his house, job, or even in passing and asking if they can borrow one of the decks he’s reviewing so they can have a board that isn’t broken to compete or film with. I have, it sucks to see that, but sometimes the reality of “sorry kid we just don’t have another ____ in the budget for you” happens. Or the best “It’s awesome that you qualified in the top 10 for this [insert big event] and we’re going to promote the crap out of you on our social media, but we can’t give you the 200 dollars to rent a couch for two weeks to be there.” Another reality and I can almost certainly ascertain Mike has never had top tier athletes stay on his couch for weeks on end while filming/training/ or competing. Let alone let them crash for free so they could save some money from working 80 hour weeks all summer to live their dreams in the winter.

    Also one has to notice that he didn’t mention Too Hard in this article, who would be the female “bros” of snowboarding. Their crowd funding worked and they were able to film their latest project. It also led to them getting featured on Vice, which is undoubtedly more exposure than this site could give them. Why is that? Afraid to go after the females? Or did you watch their chronicles on Vice and see how much the struggle is real.

    Oh but you claim you support these people. Well either you give financially or you give your time, effort, and resources to help them. I didn’t see you offer up your shower to Bus LIfe when they parked their bus in your condo’s parking lot. I didn’t see you or your website promoting in a positive light one of these crowd funding sources. Your level of support from something you use to make a living on is a joke and it shows. Controversy might give you a subtle spike in traffic, but in the end the people you need to be influencing are seeing you for what you are.

    So take it from someone that has been in this marathon a lot longer than you, stick to what you do best, because your “satire/humor” is pure and utter shit.

  3. hi Mike,
    I agree with you. I have seen this sport evolve over the last 20 years, being very close to it, without mentioning my son who will get mad. Yes, they receive tons of comp money, loot and get free everything. I see it this way too.

    I am obviously a parent; not a boarder. And a poor parent at that…raised three kids with no child support. I cannot afford to buy my kids all this stuff that the rich Tahoe kids have. I have seen many boarders and 2 plankers walk away with fistfuls of cash, yet they are still asking for help.

    My son has not had it easy. He works and flies by the seat of his pants.He usually wins the stuff, instead of the cash. He does not ask people for money, and he is always there to congratulate the winners, most of whom are his friends. I don’t know how he does it. I would be right there asking them to share some of that money b/c our family is so broke. And no one really knows what we’ve been thru this Winter. Anyway, I am not holding my breath for a personal “thank you” from someone, nor am I throwing any money their way. I think your perspective was spot on and I just wanted to send you some positivity…….please leave my last name out.

    My son would be so embarrassed.

  4. This article is probaly your most view article all season and it’s also your worst article. With over 20 grammatical errors, how can anyone even take you seriously. And for you to think snowboarders actually make money!! Haha. I wonder how REI feels about this article as a sponsor of your site? Your bashing people’s dreams yet you seems to act like you live the same dream as the people your bashing.

  5. I know Lucas magoon since he was 16.. lucus .. all the money he earn went to other people that he helped. He shared his wealth that’s why he needs the help.. he also paid more in Taxes to the federal government then most people make In 10 years . So the next time your driving down the road, freeway or any goverment infurstruckture . Know Lucas taxes helped . While everyone else is getting tax return money, Lucas isn’t .. he is kind! and he has every dime and then some in blessing coming back. thanks be to God .. we all need to serve others it’s like rent we pay for taking up space here on earth ..

  6. OPM..Other peoples money. Its what our country was built on and still is.
    I know plenty of dirtbags that begged for gas, food, drugs and what have you on dead tour. Some refused to cash in on their trust fund others really were broke. All except for a number of burnt out heads could get jobs if they really needed em. Most did have jobs or a means of support but found the romanticized life of nickel n dime’n it to the next show unshowered and sullied far cooler then selling micro brews n ganga brownies. To each his own..
    I have to ask..are the critics of Mikes article more inclined to toss money to a man working the sign at the freeway offramp as they are inclined to kick down a donation to a cause shared on facebook that affords them the self-righteousness to look down on a guy who writes a humorous article about cyber begging?
    Get a grip. What a joke.

  7. Mike,

    I was also a contributor to brock/bus life adventure. I personally have zero issue with anyone asking for help in a public forum like kickstarter. Totally my option if I want to help.

    I was happy to help bus life because..

    – they were offering extremely fair value in products/services in return for a contribution.

    – there are people like me that simply do not have the ability (or guts) to do something like what Brock/crew are doing. I do however now have the financial means to help others follow dreams that I would love to do myself. I am happy to think I helped, in a very small way, a great group of guys achieve a dream.


  8. Tonya magoon | April 17, 2015 at 7:47 PM | Reply

    Thanks to everyone for the positive support ! i was very upset when I saw this article this am, it’s a extremly poor way to get attention for your personal site , bashing other people’s lives and dreams . He has no idea what any of our lives consist of. He doesn’t know I work 14+ hour days everyday , he doesn’t know every kid That donated on the fund me were recieving product of some sort that they were HYpED on, he dOesnt know that the 8.5k is not used for traveling over the years (which is crazy were gonna be paying over 4.5k a year for monthly payments alone) it’s towards the down payment.. If people don’t wanna donate they don’t ! Simple as that. And we’re more then grateful for every 1$ received , grateful for every positive comment ! It’s hard going online and posting a fund me for yourself .. If we were loaded like u think all these snowboarders are why would we ask for a little help ?? No one likes asking for help. I bet everyone of these kids are amazing people , and your just bashing them. I know you messaged me and said it was a “joke” but my life’s not a joke. No one likes to be put down. We will do a interview with you, just because I want you to meet us and see who you publicy put down .

  9. Mandy Cartwright | April 17, 2015 at 2:08 PM | Reply

    Mike, you’re a great guy & I love ya. You are doing the same thing as these snowboarders are…using your rights to live the life you love, in the manner in which you chose. I personally got a few laughs, especially the “elephant in the room” part. As a whole, if you get paid to do what you love, you are ULTIMATELY BLESSED, period. So everyone put your egos aside & learn to laugh @ the irony of life. And most importantly, keep on rockin in tha free world. Life’s way too short to hold hate in your heart man.

  10. you a babyback bitchmade

  11. Oh, and were not paying attention to what you have to say due to anything reputable or good you have ever done. Were paying attention to stand up for our friends in the industry…who have called you out on your idiocy. Whatever helps you sleep at night though.

  12. Next time why don’t you interview your sources like a credible writer/blogger/journalist would do? You can’t just use peoples lives as a ploy to get people to view your blog. This is someones dream that you’re publicly shaming. You don’t even know them. Why couldn’t you write a positive article? Or are you just going to continue talking shit about things you have no idea about? If you were a legitimate writer you would never take down or change what you wrote because people don’t approve. That shows you knew you were wrong the entire time.

    Talk some more shit about an OG legend and lets see which side the snowboard community will take.

    • You should stop patting yourself on the back because “people are actually paying attention now”. It’s actually because you’ve written a slenderizing piece about good people who have many friends and fans. Interesting to see how stoked you are to get attention from you poorly written piece.

  13. Damn homie you need some friends

  14. Dear mike you could do something good with your life besides tryin to put people down. So hop on your skis and eat a tree

  15. most of the pro snowboarders i know get paid dick for the shit their doing. Wrecking themselves, daily to travel and live their dreams. Why don’t you try to film a part, break your legs and arms and back and feet and go into a coma for a month. Then be happy with the 1000 dollars a month you get paid to be a “pro” snowboarder. ingance

  16. This is their dream not yours. To put down on things you don’t believe in is kinda like knife to the heart for these people. These people are trying to live their dream and trying to get some coin to do so. Who cares where it comes from! I mean if Betty Crocker wanted to donate money so be it! If you don’t want to be a part of it then don’t. Plan and simple! Now the last campaign should not even be in the same catagory as these others. I mean someone gets broke off and yes most people will try to help. No one likes getting broke off.

    I do know for a fact that everyone of the guys in the bus worked their A## off all summer to make this a reality. So they needed a little more gas money to get the trip going. So they asked and they received cause people believed in the project.

    Get better john!
    Have fun Lucas!
    Buslife, well your just pimps! Keep on trucking!

    • Mike Hardaker | April 16, 2015 at 1:48 PM | Reply


      Keep on trucking indeed. Thanks for checking out the site, cheers to our friends at one of the best snowboard companies in the industry!

      Maybe I can get Betty Croker to throw the Mountain Weekly News some money, would sure beat the 12+ hours a day I spend staring at this computer screen.


  17. You’re right Mike. You’re site does have plenty of original content. I am now the subject of ridicule for sending something off in haste.

    I believe we both have something to learn from this. Thanks for the shout back. -Todd

    • Mike Hardaker | April 16, 2015 at 8:59 AM | Reply


      No worries dude, I can tell you are passionate about snow sports as I am with surf, snow and music. Hence the creation of the Mountain Weekly News.

      If you guys are ever up in Jackson, be sure to reach out. Would love to go for some tours.


  18. Mike-

    I can’t speak for the other 2 gentleman you mentioned but I do know Brock Butterfield, and I was more than willing to support his Bus Life Adventure idea when asked to become a sponsor. I also know that he has a “real job” other than snowboarding and works his tail off to make his dreams a reality.

    When Brock asked for money, I knew it would be well spent and was happy to provide what little cash I had because I know his crew is determined. You see, Brock is filming a documentary for next fall and plans to showcase the creation of the bus as well as his travels through 6 monthly webisodes.

    And just to point out, most sponsors these days are quick to give away free gear (not money) to their athletes….which is exactly why Brock used all the gear his sponsors provided him with to raise money for the trip on his Kickstarter page. Good gear for cheap prices to people who want to support something cool. Not sure what’s wrong with any of that?

    If you did your research you would have known that these dudes aren’t asking for free handouts, they are actually creating original content; something your site seems to lack.

    I suggest you think first before throwing these guys “under the bus.”

    If anyone made it this far, you’ll be able to check out all of Brock’s adventures on our website next fall at Bomb Snow. In the meantime, you can see what he’s up to at the Bus Life Adventures.

    -Todd Heath / Chief Motivator, Publisher / Bomb Snow

    • Mike Hardaker | April 16, 2015 at 7:47 AM | Reply


      Thanks for the comment, I think however you mentioned my site lacks original content, right? No need to worry about the little old Mountain Weekly News, I have nothing but good things to say about Bomb Snow and wish you the best.

      – Mike Hardaker

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