Electric Skateboards 101 The Electric Skateboard Revolution

Mike Hardaker testing the Yuneec E-Go in Jackson, WY Photo Jeff Stein | Mountain Weekly News

I had the opportunity to ride two of the more popular models of Electric Skateboards this year and wanted to give you a break down on how they ride, safety concerns and of course, cost. First up is the Yuneec E-Go Electric Skateboard.

Electric Skateboards

What makes Electric Skateboards rad and stand out from the pack is the G-Forces you feel while cranking turns on this board. Simply give it some power and off you go. To be honest, I was skeptical at best before trying the Yuneec E-Go, in fact, it even sat in the office for 2 months before being unpacked… However, once it hit the pavement I knew this would be the wave of the future and one of the best cross training tools ever developed for surfing, snowboarding or any sports that utilize your core muscles.

There are 2-speed control settings on the included Yuneec wireless remote control as well as a truck tool to dial in the perfect feel. When you first get the skateboard out of the box it is set on the lowest setting for good reasons. Play around for a while on this setting, get a feel for the acceleration and how the board wants to pick up and go. To accelerate move your thumb up the wireless remote, it can be a little jerky at first if you aren’t ready, best advise always keep your knees bent! Once you have dialed in this setting, take this board to the next level by moving the speed dial away from the Tortoise setting… To stop, simply move the accelerated the opposite direction (down) with your thumb.

So thats how you make a backside turn...

So that’s how you make a backside turn…

The speed is cool, but turning this board and feeling G-Forces at work is why you must own one. If you have ever had trouble committing to your turns this board will change that literally overnight. With a full charge, the Yuneec E-Go Electric skateboard can go up to 18 miles!

Yuneec retails for $699.00 and is worth every penny.

Onewheel skateboard

If you thought the Yuneec skateboard was “unique” wait till you see the Onewheel in action. Now I don’t know if we can really consider this a skateboard as it only has one wheel. According to the Onewheel team, the board “incorporates intuitive control, self-balancing, and the freedom to ride into one product”. That being said once you learn to balance this thing it’s a ton of fun. The only hiccup is how the system operates.

Onewheel is simple to operate in theory you lean forward to accelerate, lean backward to slow down and stop. Simple enough right? Well, the only problem I had while trying this indoors was stopping. This was especially scary as I started high tailing toward a set of glass doors. Best thing to do when in doubt is literally “jump” off the board.

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I have to warn our readers here, this can be potentially dangerous at first. That being said I only got to ride this board for about 20 minutes during a trade show while wearing boots. So I’m guessing if I had some time to zip around the neighborhood and explore without a million people watching I could surely dial this board in, odds are you would be able to as well.

The Onewheel has a bit of a learning curve when compared to the Yuneec skateboard, however, once you get it dialed the fun is limitless.

Onewheel retails for $1,499.00 my advice would be demo one before throwing down that kind of money.

Have you ridden an electric skateboard yet? If not start with the ones above, better yet let us know which ones you have tested and how they ride.

Earlier this week we wrote about a new wave of electric cars that will be available to purchase in 2016. However pump the breaks, I want to talk to you about another evolution in electricity, electric skateboards.

Waiting for product details ...

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