Teton Pass Skier Triggered Avalanche Buries Car
JACKSON, WYO – According to a Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) snowplow driver a skier triggered avalanche buried a car on Teton Pass during today’s mornings commute.  This is the second time in recent years that a car has been hit by a skier triggered avalanche. Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center Bulletin rated the Teton Mountains above  [...]
2018/19 Splitboard Poles Reviewed
The ski and snowboard industry is finally starting to design gear specifically for splitboarding.  We wanted to find out how these splitboard poles held up in various temperatures, snowpacks and other variability’s including length of tour. All the splitboard poles were thoroughly tested on tours here in the Tetons, in BC and Tahoe. A few  [...]
Patagonia Field Journal Review
Are you looking for a way to store your avalanche notebook, crystal card, thermometer and scope? Enter the Patagonia Iron Forge Field Journal. Included with the Patagonia Field Journal is a Rite in the Rain Book that works great for taking notes on the fly.  I actually prefer to keep this in my car for when  [...]
Brooks-Range Igloo 35 Snow Saw Review
From quarrying big blocks for a snow cave to cutting through thick ice crusts the Brooks-Range Igloo 35 Snow Saw gets the job done. I found that this snow saw was a bit oversize to fit in most avalanche compartments but fit fine in the main part of my pack. This thing is burly! but  [...]
Hotel Rigopiano Destroyed By Avalanche in Italy Looks to Have Been Built Under a Major Avalanche Slide Path
Farindola, Italy – A major avalanche has destroyed Hotel Rigopiano, a luxury resort located 1,200 meters (4,000 ft) above sea level in the province of Pescara in the Abruzzo mountain region of Italy’s Gran Sasso National Park. Hotel Rigopiano was built in the 1970’s under the towering Gran Sasso mountain, with an peak elevation of  [...]