Muck Arctic Excursion Boot Review
The winter of 2016/2017 is a wrap for most of the country and with that I wanted to highlight one crucial piece of gear that came with me just about every time I walked out the front door. We have talked about Muck Boots before on the Mountain Weekly News however they seem to be  [...]
Alpina Lhotse Mountain Boot Review
A man can never have too many shoes. Especially if he’s spending most of his time playing outdoors. It’s taken me a few years or destroying cheaper tennies and boots but I’ve finally completed my quiver of hearty, strong and effective shoes. The Alpina Lhotse fits perfectly between everything else in my foot locker and  [...]
Oliberte` Tompa x Highlander Boot Review
Oliberte` is a unique company. Made in Ethiopia, Africa, all of their footwear is hand made and all materials are locally sourced. That means Oliberte` is creating jobs in an exceptionally impoverished area of a nation plagued with civil war and upset. It also means they not only do they source materials from the Motherland,  [...]
Muck Pursuit Supreme Hunting Boot Review
The Muck Boot Company prides itself in making quality waterproof boots for wet and messy conditions. These boots serve a purpose and serve it well. The Muck Pursuit Supreme are a lightweight, fully insulated, laceless boot with aggressive treads for muddy and snowy conditions. Muck Pursuit Supreme Review They are ideal for hunting out of  [...]
Baffin Hurricane Snowmobile Boot Review
I took the Baffin Hurricane Snowmobile Boots out for a test run in Spring conditions up on Teton Pass. In short, this boots were a noticeable improvement over the other big names brands I have used in the past. Find out more about these Baffin boots in my review below : Baffin Hurricane Boots Review  [...]
Baffin Lightning Snowmobile Boots
Snowmobile boots have long been polarizing pieces of gear, dividing those who want fuzzy slippers and those who prefer real ankle armor. Just a handful of years ago professional snowcross racers resorted to wearing stiff snowboard boots for their inherent ankle protection, as snowmobile manufacturers hadn’t yet viewed sledding as an impact sport. So as  [...]