Best Snowboard Headphones
The Mountain Weekly News Best Snowboard Headphones list covers the following categories; sound, fit and safety. This years headphone prices ranged from $59.95-$199.00 with each pair offering a completely unique fit and unparalleled sound.   Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio For someone who loves to take their life into the backcountry, the  [...]
Outdoor Technology Chips Review
The Chips wireless headphones from Outdoor Technology are a convenient in helmet audio system with a number of well-designed features. They are easy to use and compatible with any audio friendly liners from eight of the top snow helmet brands. Outdoor Technology Chips Review Chips use Bluetooth technology and are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled  [...]
UrbanEars Plattan Review
I needed a new pair of headphones and I decided to go with the UrbanEars Platten Headphones. As you probably noticed, these headphones aren’t made for snowboarding. I personally don’t like to listen to music while I’m riding so I opted for a bulkier pair that would provide an excellent way to listen to jams  [...]
Skullcandy Smokin Buds Review
I needed a new pair of ear buds and everyone told me I should get a pair of Skullcandy headphones. I wanted something small enough to fit under my snowboard helmet and bike helmets. I chose the Skullcandy Smokin Buds Headphones for there size and audio quality. The Skullcandy Smokin Buds fit snugly in the  [...]
UrbanEars Bagis Review
I bought the UrbanEars Bagis a few weeks after purchasing another pair of UrbanEars headphones, the Plattan Headphones. The reason that I bought another pair is because the Plattan headphones are bulky and while they are great for hanging out, listening to music, or watching a movie on your computer, they aren’t very good for  [...]
Frends Earbuds Headphone Review
I was looking to get a new pair of Earbuds, and heard good things about Frends Coupe Earbud Headphones and wanted to see how they stacked up to the other Ear Buds. See how the Frends shred inspired snowboard earbuds held up in my test below : Frends Headphone Review I immediately loved the audio  [...]
Yurbuds Explore Pro Earbuds
At first look the Yurbuds Explore headphones, part of Yurbuds adventure series of headphones, appear to be a rugged well-designed headphones built for the outdoors. The headphones are geared for the active outdoor enthusiast looking for a comfortable, water resistant headphone that won’t fall out. 2> Find out more in my Yurbuds review below: Yurbuds  [...]
Skullcandy Crusher Headphone
The Skullcandy Crusher Headphone features two impressive custom drivers (the Sensation55 and the REX40) designed by world-class audio engineers. The Sensation55 generates bass you can feel while the REX40 allows you to experience superior sound even when you have the bass turned low. The Skullcandy Crusher headphones are also lightweight, portable and durable, making them  [...]
House of Marley Zion Headphone
Incorporating wood and fabric covered cords, the House of Marley Zion Headphones certainly one of the most distinct looking headphones on the market today. For me, there’s a lot more to like about Zions than simply sound quality. At $100, House of Marley’s Zion Headphones face stiff competition. House of Marley Zion Review/h2> I listen  [...]