Learn To Prepare Grouse Recipes
It’s amazing that in this day and age were for the most part removed from our food sources. Sure I grew up eating meat, willing to bet you did too however I had no idea where it was coming from and to be completely honest it wasn’t until recently I started to care. Most of  [...]
A Green Hunter’s Buying Guide
Other than steel, most non-toxic shot options actually outperform lead. Non-toxic shot shells are expensive. There is no way around it. But, in a given season, how much do you actually shoot? If you hike 5 miles to get a few shots on grouse or chukars, or hunt 5 days to get a shot at  [...]
A Bird Hunters Gift Guide
Its the middle of hunting season. Are you prepared for the unexpected? Keep it simple and stay safe with these hunting essentials: Filson Upland Hunting Vest Bird hunting is a fun and exciting sport for both young and old enthusiasts. A great upland game vest can make your day more enjoyable. The Filson Upland Hunting  [...]
What to do After the Shot?
This is a real important part of having a great experience or a regrettable one. Shot placement comes with practice and patience. Practice knowing how far you can comfortably place a shot in the vital area. Patience knowing that the game will give you an opportunity to offer you a quartering away broadside shot. It  [...]
Hunting Elk at 11,000 Feet
CRESTED BUTTE, CO – I invited myself to Colorado Elk Hunting camp with three of my best friends, but not to shoot an elk; I wanted to shoot my camera. I had never been elk hunting before and the images of a dawn patrol at tree line conjured up in my brain gave me the  [...]