Toad&Co Drover Denim Review
Toad&Co is firing on all cylinders. They make insane outdoor adventure gear, ranging from jackets and leggings to a life-changing camp hammock. But then they also make jeans with the style of a Hollywood hipster and the functionality of a NOLs instructor. To nail every aspect of the outdoor life, from the random to the  [...]
Toad&Co Debug Trail Tights Review
Snow, rain, wind, ocean, rock and sun. I’ve put my Toad&Co Debug Trail leggings through the ringer over the past few weeks: working and running outside in the wintry mix of a Teton Spring, sea kayaking off the coast of Mexico, and recently I took them to City of Rocks in south central Idaho. They’re  [...]
Black Diamond Stance Belay Pants Review
I love Winter. Skiing, Ice Climbing, not having to pick up dog poop are all great. But, there’s something special about being warm and cozy while breathing subzero air. The Black Diamond Stance Belay pants are great for staying warm in the deep freeze. Whether you’re belaying an ice climb, hanging out at camp after  [...]
Patagonia Snowshot Pant Review
The Patagonia Snowshot Pant is possibly my favorite piece of new gear the season. And that’s despite a simple fact: Pants are the Rodney Dangerfield of snowboard gear; they don’t get no respect. I can usually tear through pants in a few hard weeks but I put these through the Teton ringer and they never  [...]
Best Men’s Snowboard Pants
The number one function of a good performing pair of snow pants is the ability to keep you protected from the elements. Snowboard pants are designed from special high tech fabrics that allow the pants to be waterproof, breathable and most importantly to keep you warm. Which snowboard pants are made for you depends on  [...]