Carver Complete Skateboard Review
The Carver Skateboard is the perfect skateboard for the skate/surf/snow rat in your family. And with the holiday season right around the corner, now is the best time to start bugging Santa about adding one of these to his list. See how this Carver Skateboards deck held up riding mountain waves in the Tetons in  [...]
Girl Darkroom Skate Deck Review
I picked up the Girl Darkroom 8.5 Anderson model from my local skate shop a few weeks ago. I tend to spend most of my time either skating tranny at the park or pushing down the street to the park. You might want to slim things down with an 8 (Mike Mo model) or an  [...]
Habitat Sugar Skull Complete Skateboard Review
The Habitat Sugar Skull Complete is basically a mixture between a long board and freestyle skateboard. It differs from a normal skateboard because of its larger wheels meant for cruising and its slightly tapered shape. Habitat is one of my favorite skateboard brands and that is why I would choose this board over an off-brand  [...]