Backpacking Essentials with a Family Twist
Few things rival the pleasure of setting out with your home and food on your pack to survive in the unknown well-prepared for everything. Many of my fondest memories are of evenings spent atop peaks, next to lakes or in idyllic meadows with just one or two of my closest people and not another human  [...]
Kelty TraiLogic Collection Review
As many great companies start, Kelty also began in a home garage. In 1952 Dick Kelty fabricated aircraft aluminum frames and his wife Nena sewed the backpacks together. Today and over 60 years later, Kelty still leads the way in the outdoor industry by offering quality innovative products. The newest product line from Kelty is  [...]
Investing in a Good Sleeping Bag
A good sleeping bag is worth its weight in gold. It only takes one bad night out, freezing your derriere off at 2am, to swear by everything that’s holy that you’re buying adequate sleeping quarters with your next paycheck. But don’t break the piggy bank just yet; with today’s ever-lighter synthetic fills and a decent  [...]
Wondering How to Buy a Sleeping Bag?
Whether you are a casual camper or a hardcore backpacker, your sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will have with you. A great sleeping bag is one that will keep you warm on even the coldest of nights without sacrificing too much in the way of weight or comfort.  [...]