Spark R&D Arc Review
Spark R&D is the most trusted, most reliable and well known splitboard binding manufacture in the world. Based in Bozeman, MT what makes Spark unique is the company’s ability to R&D just outside their office in the Gallatin National Forest.  When I got sent a pair of the new Spark R&D Arc Bindings to test  [...]
Spark R&D Dyno DH Binding Review
Those damn AT skiers. If you’re a splitter, at one point or another you’ve cruised up with a couple rabid Dyna-freak two-plankers who make you feel like a complete barney. You’re chugging with all you got in your clunky split binders as they glide and sidehill ahead on their tech toepieces like some goddamn magic  [...]
NOW Brigade Retro Binding Review
NOW, this is what’s up.  Seriously though, if your’re a snowboarder that surfs (or want-abe) the NOW Brigade Binding’s are the only pair of snowboard bindings you will ever need to own, and here’s why. Skatetech NOW’s the first snowboard binding manufacture to build a pivot point directly into the middle of the binding, they  [...]
Union Expedition Binding Review
After 4 months of testing the new Union Expedition Splitboard Binding, I’m happy to announce it’s the best splitboard binding on the market when it comes to going downhill.  Find out what I liked, loved and hated about these bindings in my review below Union Expedition Review When the crew at Union announced they were going  [...]
Karakoram Prime Carbon Review
Find out how Karakoram Prime bindings held up to the legendary terrain around the Tetons in my review below. Karakoram Bindings Prime Carbon Like the older version of the Karakoram’s, the Primes excel in ride mode, making the descent better than every other binding I have used. The binding chassis twists with the torsional flex  [...]
Top 15 Snowboard Bindings
The best snowboard bindings put you in touch with both your shred stick and the mountain to deliver uninhibited feel while enhancing your entire performance and delivering a religious riding experience. That’s really what snowboard bindings are for. The following are our picks for the best all mountain snowboard bindings. Were stoked to present you with  [...]
K2 Hurrithane Review
Delivering a whirlwind of flexibility and fun, the K2 Hurrithane Binding features urethane high backs, making them one of the softest, tweakable boot-grabbers out there. This was my first time trying out a pair that utilizes urethane in the high backs, and while K2 didn’t innovate the idea themselves, this process is still rather new.  [...]
Burton Mission Review
The Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings have some of the same features as the Burton Freestyle with a couple improvements. I like the classic all black bindings, some bindings can be too loud with graphics, and I think your riding should speak and your bindings shouldn’t, that’s just me. Burton Mission Binding Review The Mission Bindings  [...]