Arbor Element Rocker Review
The Arbor Element snowboard is an all mountain beast. This board will do everything you think up, from side hits, to ripping steep and deep powder. With 20 years under it’s belt the Arbor Elements classic design is here to stay! Arbor Element Review Thanks to a parabolic rocker (rocker that fades out towards the  [...]
Arbor Bryan Iguchi Camber Review
Everything is better with Camber, seriously.. Odds are if you’ve been snowboarding for a decade of more then what were about to talk about should come of no surprise. Cambered snowboards are on the comeback (although not sure they ever went away). Last winter I had the chance to checkout the Bryan Iguchi Pro Model  [...]
Korua Asytoni 68 Snowboard Review
The Korua Asytoni 168 behemoth of a board is an absolute game changer. This asymmetrical pow machine is something you would expect to find in the bottom of the ocean, or on top of Everest. Learn more in my Korua Asytoni review below: I really liked how wide the board was all the way throughout.  [...]
Never Summer Aura Review
This winter has started out super strong, with multiple double digit powder days a week from mid-December through January. However, this past February was pretty disappointing for Colorado snow sports given the light (and in most places, non-existing) snowfall during what was supposed to be stellar month brought to us by a El Nino himself.  [...]
Arbor Wasteland Rocker Snowboard Review
The Arbor Wasteland Snowboard is Arbor’s flagship board big mountain charger snowboard design. The Wasteland features Arbor’s Mountain System Rocker aka FULL ROCKER which gives the board longer tips and a directional twin shape for superior float and go-anywhere versatility. Find out how the Arbor Wasteland snowboard performed in the legendary terrain around Jackson Hole  [...]