Never Summer Evo Review
Without much thought or effort the Never Summer Evo made my park riding look much better then it really is.. Find out how the Never Summer Evo Snowboard board held up in the Rockies on hot laps through the park and in deep snow throughout the Rockies. Never Summer Evo Review I will be fully honest,  [...]
Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard Review
Are you looking for the best all mountain snowboard ever made? Do you want a snowboard that can easily destroy anything and everything the mountain can throw your way this winter? If you answered yes to any of those questions you are going to LOVE the Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard. This years award-winning Jones Mountain  [...]
Lib Tech Skunk Ape Review
Got big feet, big dick? If so one of the best big man snowbaords to ever be built it the Lib Tech Skunk Apes Snowboard. This board was specifically designed for you larger riders in mind. Think sasquatch, this is the NW after all.. This years Skunk Apes from Lib Tech is made of Aspen/Paulownia/Columbian  [...]
Burton Fish Review
Lets start with how this incredible powder snowboards looks. If you are over 35 years old you may just think “damn this is old school” as it reminds me of some of the first snowboards I have ridden over 20 years ago. I was excited to see if the Burton Fish Snowboard could actually live  [...]
Burton Flight Attendant Review
When you step foot onto the Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard it sort of feels like joining the mile high club again, except better. Because rather being jammed in a tiny bathroom, you are slashing through powder and boosting off all kinds of natural features. Clear the runway, because with the Burton Family Tree Flight Attendant  [...]
Never Summer Cobra Snowboard Review
Interestingly enough the Never Summer Cobra snowboard actually started out as a true twin tip snowboard. Over time however the tweaks and additions that went into it led to its present directional twin design. Find out how the Never Summer Cobra performed here in the Pacific Northwest during a fat el Nino winter : Never  [...]
Jones Flagship Snowboard Review
Introducing the powerful The Jones Flagship Snowboard dubbed “Rhino Chaser” by the man himself aka Jeremy Jones is the premier freeride board in the Jones lineup. This board can handle anything you throw at it, from icy bumps and hard pack to steep pow lines, this snowboard was made to slay the most variable terrain  [...]
Surf Oriented Snowboard Shapes Coming to Market
Snowboarding is fun, but nothing really compares to the feeling of surfing on water. Knowing this the snowboard industry’s leading board shapers and designers have been tinkering with new designs and throw back shapes to bring the culture of surfing to the mountains. These incredible shapes will surely hit home with anyone that embraces a  [...]