Never Summer Cobra Snowboard Review
Interestingly enough the Never Summer Cobra snowboard actually started out as a true twin tip snowboard. Over time however the tweaks and additions that went into it led to its present directional twin design. Find out how the Never Summer Cobra performed here in the Pacific Northwest during a fat el Nino winter : Never  [...]
Jones Flagship Snowboard Review
Introducing the powerful The Jones Flagship Snowboard dubbed “Rhino Chaser” by the man himself aka Jeremy Jones is the premier freeride board in the Jones lineup. This board can handle anything you throw at it, from icy bumps and hard pack to steep pow lines, this snowboard was made to slay the most variable terrain  [...]
Surf Oriented Snowboard Shapes Coming to Market
Snowboarding is fun, but nothing really compares to the feeling of surfing on water. Knowing this the snowboard industry’s leading board shapers and designers have been tinkering with new designs and throw back shapes to bring the culture of surfing to the mountains. These incredible shapes will surely hit home with anyone that embraces a  [...]
Burton Custom Flying V Review
The Burton Custom Flying V is by far one of Burton snowboards best all around offerings. T Burton Custom Flying V has a laid back, easy handling, and fun feel to it. It’s seriously snappy and comes with a whole ton of pop. Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard Review I’m very fortunate to have the  [...]
Lib Tech Darker Series Review
The Lib Tech Darker Series steps things up to blow the hinges of everything you thought a freestyle board was capable of. Behold, in the absence of light, this board was born to rule the underworld of shredding. I have been riding this board around Baker and Crystal Mountain and wanted to give some feedback  [...]
Niche Story Review
Lithe and nimble for featherweight freestyle maneuvering yet with enough firmness for all mountain riding, the Niche Story Snowboard has a slight directional mold but feels like a twin tip board. Find out how this Nicheboard held up to Crested Butte’s legendary terrain : Niche Story Review To start the niche story snowboard has a  [...]