2017 Arbor Coda Splitboard Review
One of the only splitboards that will actually increase your riding ability instead of holding you back. The 2017 Arbor Coda Splitboard rides better than most traditional solid snowboards on the market. From the first day of testing it was apparent that Arbor had absolutely nailed the design of the Coda Split. If this board  [...]
2017 Jones Explorer Splitboard Review
Last season we reviewed the 2015-2016 Jones Explorer Splitboard (see below) and this year we wanted to bring you the 2016-2017 Jones Explorer Splitboard review to see what’s changed, what we dig and what can be improved for riding and touring in the backcountry. Odds are likely if you’re looking at this splitboard review, you  [...]
What are the Best Splitboards of 2017
We updated our annual list of the best splitboards of the year. Here are a few you’ll want to add to your bird-spotting list, presented by the Mountain Weekly. One caveat though, a bunch of these splitboards will be tough to get your hands.. 16/17 Splitboard Watch-list 1. Lib Tech Travis Rice Goldmember It’s a  [...]
Karakoram Bindings Reviewed
Find out how Karakoram Prime bindings held up to the legendary terrain around the Tetons in my review below. Karakoram Bindings Prime Carbon Like the older version of the Karakoram’s, the Primes excel in ride mode, making the descent better than every other binding I have used. The binding chassis twists with the torsional flex  [...]
Spark Bindings Reviewed
Spark R&D bindings are some of the best splitboard bindings in the world. They updated their tried and true Magneto Splitboard Binding with a new name and some new tech, we’re stoked to introduce you to the Spark R&D Arc Binding. (Although it has been out for a year), along with reviews of all the  [...]
2017 Never Summer Twenty Five Splitboard Review
To celebrate their 25th Anniversary the boys at Never Summer made a split to end all splits, pouring all their experience into a double-plank that floats pow yet turns on a dime on hardpack, is only slightly heavier than a standard single board despite the extra metal necessary for a split, and is as sturdy  [...]
Furberg Freeride Splitboard Review
Furberg, I know you must be thinking what in the hell is a Furberg? I’ve actually been saying the same thing over the past couple years as I heard chatter online about a new splitboard company based out of Norway of all places with a really funny name. It’s sort of like Fergie meets Justin  [...]
Colltex Extreme Splitboard Skins
Not all climbing skins are created equal. To be frank the European brands, many of which are virtually unheard of in North America are crushing the stateside competition. One of the companies leading the way is Colltex which has 70 years experience in manufacturing “Swiss Made” quality products for the outdoor world. Luckily thanks to  [...]
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