Furberg The Freeride Splitboard Gen 3 Review
Furberg has introduced an updated version of their popular Freeride Splitboard.  For 2018 the name has changed a small bit to; The Freeride Split. Although the name change was minor the changes to the board were not. The Furberg Freeride Split Review One of the most noticeable changes to this years splitboard is easy to  [...]
So You Wanna be a Hardboot Splitboarder?
Blown ratchets, snapped ladder straps, the clunky inefficiency of having soft boot bindings banging around as I toured uphill. I was tired of the weight, inadequacy and sloppiness of a soft boot touring setup. Working as a splitboard guide I was disgruntled with the setup, switchovers took too long, kicking steps hurt my delicate toes,  [...]
Spark R&D Dyno DH Binding Review
Those damn AT skiers. If you’re a splitter, at one point or another you’ve cruised up with a couple rabid Dyna-freak two-plankers who make you feel like a complete barney. You’re chugging with all you got in your clunky split binders as they glide and sidehill ahead on their tech toepieces like some goddamn magic  [...]
Weston Range Splitboard Review
The Weston Range was among the first freestyle oriented splitboard I have had the pleasure to ride. The first experience with it was not how I planned. It was a 2 foot day on teton pass. I mounted my bindings to what I thought was a good pow stance but for this board it was  [...]