With Proximity, TGR Gets Zen Stoked
“Whether or not I’ve already caught the best wave of my life is — is a question that I don’t really wanna know the answer to. It’s a question I’ve been asking myself ever since I was a little kid.” So says Shane Dorian in Taylor Steele’s newest video, “Proximity,” produced in partner with TGR.  [...]
Northwest Surf-Camping Guide
Camping in the Northwest can be a frustrating, miserable, and exhausting experience if you are unprepared. Combine that with cold-water surfing and you have a weekend only for the thick-skinned. With the right attitude and gear however, you can score some relatively unknown breaks, avoid the crowds, catch some W’s, and have a great adventure  [...]
Patagonia Neoprene-Free Yulex Wetsuits
Chloroprene is a plasticized rubber. As in it shares many similar chemical aspects with plastic. As in that really complicated most-unnatural-of-materials with chains of polymers of molecules that somehow have to be broken and reconnected. Chloroprene, to be useful, is somehow made from a series of pellets into dough (I think there’s chlorine somewhere in  [...]
Bali Surf Spots for First Time Visitor
BALI, INDONESIA – Thinking about taking a surf trip to Bali this summer? Good choice I did the same a few years back and wanted to share some of the places that I surfed, some of which are well known a few are off the beaten track and a few I just simply can’t name.  [...]
Kelly Slater’s New Surfboard Company
Want to surf like Kelly Slater, easy just head out to your local surf shop or online retailer later this year and look for a new surfboard company called Slater Designs. The only issue I see with these boards currently is they are A. not eniviormentally firendly (altough surfboards have been notrouious of this for  [...]