Kissed By God, a Film about Andy Irons
Surfing, bipolar disorder and drug addiction the film Andy Irons: Kissed by God could have easily been written about practically anyone that grew up in a surf culture, myself included.  However this film is not about your average every day surfer, instead Teton Gravity Research dove deep into the life of professional surfer Andy Irons  [...]
With Proximity, TGR Gets Zen Stoked
“Whether or not I’ve already caught the best wave of my life is — is a question that I don’t really wanna know the answer to. It’s a question I’ve been asking myself ever since I was a little kid.” So says Shane Dorian in Taylor Steele’s newest video, “Proximity,” produced in partner with TGR.  [...]
Northwest Surf-Camping Guide
Camping in the Northwest can be a frustrating, miserable, and exhausting experience if you are unprepared. Combine that with cold-water surfing and you have a weekend only for the thick-skinned. With the right attitude and gear however, you can score some relatively unknown breaks, avoid the crowds, catch some W’s, and have a great adventure  [...]
Patagonia Neoprene-Free Yulex Wetsuits
Chloroprene is a plasticized rubber. As in it shares many similar chemical aspects with plastic. As in that really complicated most-unnatural-of-materials with chains of polymers of molecules that somehow have to be broken and reconnected. Chloroprene, to be useful, is somehow made from a series of pellets into dough (I think there’s chlorine somewhere in  [...]
Bali Surf Spots for First Time Visitor
BALI, INDONESIA – Thinking about taking a surf trip to Bali this summer? Good choice I did the same a few years back and wanted to share some of the places that I surfed, some of which are well known a few are off the beaten track and a few I just simply can’t name.  [...]
Kelly Slater’s New Surfboard Company
Want to surf like Kelly Slater, easy just head out to your local surf shop or online retailer later this year and look for a new surfboard company called Slater Designs. The only issue I see with these boards currently is they are A. not eniviormentally firendly (altough surfboards have been notrouious of this for  [...]
Colorado River Surfing on Big Sur
Turns out there are lots of surfers in Colorado. The Colorado River Surfing scene is alive and well each spring. Find out what it takes to be a river surfer in Colorado : The Big Sur River surfing wave spot is a very unique and fickle spot that materializes once or twice a decade depending  [...]
Surf Art Explained
The first time I stepped into a surf shop at age 15, I felt a connection, though to what I wasn’t sure. A decade later in a surf shop on the opposite side of the country I saw a painting of a surfer on a wave, and thought, “someday I will paint waves.” Years later,  [...]