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LAS VEGAS, NV – MJBizCon Vegas takes place in Las Vegas Nevada and it’s something to take in. Honestly, after attending the Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo in Arizona, I thought I’d seen what the marijuana industry had to offer, but I was wrong. The Marijuana Business Conference & Expo held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada was so much bigger I couldn’t have taken it all in if I’d stayed for a week.

So, I took my partner in crime, (my brother, a horticulturist) along with me to cover the agricultural side of the convention. In the two fast-paced days we were there, here’s a sample of what we saw, talked about and got super stoked on to share with you.

MJBizCon Vegas

During the 2017 MJBizCon I realized that the cannabis industry is BOOMING, on all sides. Now, it’s not all about getting high. There are so many things that the cannabis plant offers, that people have almost normalized it. Like any other potent herb, or medicinal plant, cannabis must be used carefully, but there are so many ways to use it! Check this out …

Sacred Mind & Body Lube

Sacred Mind & Body – ($19.99)

Hemp oil is a great source for pain relief. Sacred Mind & Body is a company that makes all-natural hemp oil products, that are now FDA-evaluated as safe for use. So that means you can order a Sacred Mind & Body cannabis product anywhere in the U.S. Choose any cannabis product offered on their Sacred menu including personal lubricant, massage oil, Epsom salt soaks, muscle relief soaks with ancient superfoods like Acai berry, and dead sea salt. Plus so many more! If you are looking for a good-for-you company, that also gives back, get something from Sacred Mind & Body. Buy Now

So Hum Soil

SoHum Living Soils – ($54.99)

Growing plants isn’t just for people who live in states where weed is legal. You cannot grow marijuana plants everywhere, but you can grow any type of plant you want at home including natural sources of essential oils like rosemary, lavender, basil, and so many more. While seeds are cheap, growing plants is pretty easy when you have the right soil. So, count on So Hum Living Soils to offer a just-add-water solution to your growing needs. Made to sustain any plant from seed to flower, SoHum soils contain every type of nutrient in the mix to improve the all-natural life of any plant that roots there. Get some of this soil, and plant anything you like. There’s no reason not to have more medicinal, or food-based plants around! Buy Now

Growstones Hydroponic


Only one thing can make potted plants grow even better in nutrient-rich soil: Growstone. This unique stone is made from 100% recycled glass to help make any plant grow better, and increase flowering. By adding thin layers of this unique grow booster for plants, you can keep the bugs away from your plants and improve drainage in any pot for healthier plants. Don’t plant anything without adding Growstone. Buy Now


The Good Ship Coffee Marijuana Chocolate Bar


These marijuana edibles are made in Seattle, and are loaded with canni-deliciousness! So, hop on the GoodShip with refreshing Peppermint Patties, Jellies, Chocolate, Cookies, Brownies, and Pastilles. They are oh-so tasty, trust me.

crativ marijuana case


When you have marijuana around the house you need to be careful with it. Sometimes your pet can get into it, or your kids can want to try and play with the packaging from a dispensary and open a container. So, just because your state uses cannabis as medicine doesn’t mean that the packaging is always childproof. Pick up your own child resistant cannabis packages with CRATIV. Designed to be less enticing as a toy for kids than regular cannabis packaging, CRATIV boxes are harder to open, with a pinch and lift hardshell design. So skip conventional baggies, or pop-top canisters, CRATIV boxes are a marijuana users must-have!





JuJu Royal

The Marley way of life is one that most people recognize. Cannabis infusion as a lifestyle is something synonymous with the Marley legacy, and today many of the Marley family members are working in the cannabis industry. Julian Marley offers JuJu Royal Ultra-Premium Cannabis to feed your soul! Check out the entire JuJu Royal line of cannabis, and products to get IRIE.

RYAH Vape Pen


This is the first vaporizer that lets you track and control how much you inhale so that you always get reliable dosages. Designed to be more like a SmartVape than any other vaporizer on the market today, RYAH is a vaping experience that includes airflow sensory, a diffused mouthpiece, LED indicator, medical grade materials, and a capsule chamber that accommodates both oil, and dry herb capsules. You’re in control with RYAH – so, set the temperature, your dose, and track your statistics with the RYAH app. There’s no more guesswork in vape dosing any more! Find out who made the list for Best Vaporizers of 2019.

There are tons of CBD’s out there, so which are best?  We put together a list of some of our favorite CBD products for pain

Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser Marijuana Butter Oil

BONUS: Essential oils are the concentrated phyto-chemicals found in plants, which is also known as plant “essence.” You can make your own extractions of plant essences with an at-home extractor from Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser. Don’t miss the chance to make infusions at home in your own kitchen. It couldn’t be easier.

So, that’s it! The MJBizCon 2017 in Las Vegas Nevada was absolutely HUGE. Packed with 110+ speakers, 18,00 cannabis leaders, and investors, plus 678 exhibitors in the hall space this event was popin’. I’ll bring you more from the event in the upcoming weeks and months about all the stuff I picked up from the growing community of cannabis. Until then…

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