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Outdoorsy Rental Review

When it comes to planning this year’s summer vacation something that might not yet be on your radar is to rent an RV, ala Airbnb style through Outdoorsy.com.

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Ever dreamed of road tripping around the United States? Leave the wear and tear to someone else’s vehicle. But is Outdoorsy legit?

Outdoorsy Review

How does Outdoorsy work? Outdoorsy.com puts camper van owners in touch with renters around the country looking for everything from a vehicle to rent for a quick overnight trip to something to live in longer term.

The entire process from booking a vehicle to picking up the Outdoorsy RV Rentals was seamless via the website.

We had planned to spend a weekend traveling around Big Sur on the Central California Coast. After arriving at the International Airport in San Francisco, we hopped in a 20-minute Uber ride to where our van was available for pickup.

Van Rental from Outdoorsy

This conversion van was owned and operated by a small group of friends who took a standard van and converted it into a livable, yet discreet vehicle perfect for car camping and weekend road trips.

PRO TIP: The Ford Transit Vans are only 15-feet in length, meaning these can be parked just about anywhere overnight without looking like someone is sleeping in a “camper van”…..

For sleeping the Outdoorsy rental van came with a full-size bed, pillows, a super snuggly RUMPL comforter, sheets and enough legroom for a 5’11 guy and gal to stretch out. There were even curtains for blocking out the early morning sunlight which was a nice touch.

Van Kitchen for Camping

For cooking the backside of the van converted to a camp kitchen with a pull-out double burner Coleman stove, plates, cups, MSR pots and pans, utensils and more. There was even a coffee maker. We did end up bringing our own Italian stovetop espresso machine, you know for our early morning coffee fix.

Why Book with Outdoorsy?

The rates seem almost too good to be true.  When you cut out the middle man ie rental car companies rates become much more affordable.  Look at some of the listings below and you can get a feel for the value that Outdoorsy.com offers to renters.

California RV Rentals

Texas RV Rentals

Flordia RV Rentals

Colorado RV Rentals

Washington RV Rentals

Arizona RV Rentals

Utah RV Rentals

Oregon RV Rentals

2014 Jayco Motorhome – $180 nightly

Michigan RV Rentals

Hawaii RV Rentals

Georgia RV Rentals

New Mexico RV Rentals

Nevada RV Rentals

Do yourself a favor, skip the hotels, Priceline bookings and such and stay in something unique. With Outdoorsy you’re guaranteed to remember your night’s sleep and the adventure the follows.  Can you say the same about a hotel bed?

Looking for more suggestions?  Head over to Outdoorsy.com to find your rental van today.

Planning on attending a music festival, need an rv for burning man? Why not rent a van instead of camping.

Want to see the coast of California. How about renting a camper van to sleep along the side of the road.

How about renting out your own RV and making some nice passive income? Outdoorsy has a great program for Van Owners too.

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