Best Skate Shoes of the Summer
We picked the best skate shoes of for the season. Like any other skateboarding product, the best is really just a matter of opinion and experience. If you’ve used a skate shoe with good results, you like it. If you’ve used a skate shoe with poor results, you don’t like it. That much is obvious.  [...]
UrbanEars Plattan Review
I needed a new pair of headphones and I decided to go with the UrbanEars Platten Headphones. As you probably noticed, these headphones aren’t made for snowboarding. I personally don’t like to listen to music while I’m riding so I opted for a bulkier pair that would provide an excellent way to listen to jams  [...]
VonZipper Skylab Goggle
I picked up the VonZipper Skylab Goggle to see how a slightly cheaper goggle held up and performed. One of the things that really stuck out about these from the first time I wore them was how simple they are. Not flashy at all. I really like that. The VonZipper Skylab Goggle is smaller than  [...]
Burton Cargo Pants Review
The Burton Cargo Snowboard Pants are super waterproofed, have a ton of pockets for whatever knick-knacks you take to the slopes, and have an inner mesh lining that wicks away sweat. They are very classic and simple functional without bells and whistles. Burton Cargo Snowboard Pants Review These pants are made of nylon with a  [...]
Electric EG2 Goggle Review
I normally wear Utopia Optics goggles for snowboarding, but I recently tried out the Electric EG2 Goggle and thought they were awesome! It is worth noting that these goggles are made for a person with a smaller face. I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing them, but they definitely aren’t girly just small. The peripheral  [...]
Eton FRX5 Emergency Radio
You never can be too prepared. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, it’s better safe than sorry in an emergency situation. And a weather radio is a staple of any home preparedness kit. But you don’t want to invest in just any old weather radio. It’s essential to do your research  [...]
How to Snowboard in a Half Pipe
Learning to ride in a halfpipe is not something that a straight up snowboarding beginner should try to take on. The photo above is out good pal Travis Young, a professional snowboarder.. Before you start, you should make sure that you have solid edge control and turning skills. The ability to ride fakie comfortably is  [...]
2016 Lib Tech La Nina Review
The Lib Tech La Nina Matt Cummins MC C1-BTX is a directional all-mountain all-terrain stick. Lib Tech has history as a snowboarding company. And when a historic company has teamed up with a professional snowboarder of the caliber of Matt Cummins for over two decades, then you know that their wares are going to be  [...]
Best Hybrid Bikes To Get Around On
Hybrid bikes combine the best characteristics of road bikes, touring bikes, and mountain bikes, resulting in a general-purpose bike that is great for commuting or recreation. Hybrid bikes are often the perfect choice for those that aren’t uber serious about cycling but still want a great way to get around town and get some exercise.  [...]
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