5 Best Outdoor Television Shows You Gotta’ See!
Outdoor television is sort of a paradox. After all, the two things don’t really seem to go together and while no two outdoor people are the same, no television channels are created equal either. Today, you may feel like there are thousands options snapping for attention both online and on television for programs but the  [...]
Kissed By God, a Film about Andy Irons
Surfing, bipolar disorder and drug addiction the film Andy Irons: Kissed by God could have easily been written about practically anyone that grew up in a surf culture, myself included.  However this film is not about your average every day surfer, instead Teton Gravity Research dove deep into the life of professional surfer Andy Irons  [...]
Muddy Trail Etiquette: Spring Rules for Cyclists
Now that we’re fighting our way out of winter and mountain bike trails are opening up, it’s time we have the annual conversation about muddy trail etiquette. Should you ride muddy trails? Should you avoid them? We deal with these questions every year, so let’s put the record straight. (Then you can just bookmark this  [...]
United States Snowboarders Sweep Olympic Snowboard Gold Medals in Half-Pipe & Slopestyle
Pyeongchang,  South Korea – TEAM USA F*CK YEAH.  Huge congratulations goes out to the entire United States Olympic Snowboard Team including gold medal winners, Shaun White, Chloe Kim, Red Gerard and Jamie Anderson for sweeping the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Snowboard Half-Pipe and Slopestyle events. The first Winter Olympics Gold Medal for the United States,  [...]
2018/19 Splitboard Bindings Reviewed
2019 will see an old manufacture re-enter into the splitboard bindings world in the United States (although this system from K2 has yet to be tested), along with some major updates from current industry leaders. Our picks for the best splitboard bindings of the year are below. If you splitboard you can thank the guys  [...]