So You Wanna be a Hardboot Splitboarder?

With a splitboard hardboot setup say goodbye to blown ratchets, snapped ladder straps and clunky inefficiency of having soft boot bindings banging around as you tour uphill. I was tired…

How to Snowboard Powder

The first day riding powder can seem like re-learning how to snowboard. It takes that same excitement and the ability to laugh at your failures as your first snowboarding experience….

How to Pick a Snowboard

“Snurfing is skiing, skateboarding and surfing all rolled into one outrageous wintertime sport! Turn a snow covered slope into a snowtime party place. … Available in two models: The Standard…

MTNBABES Climb Mountains and Get Naked

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing better than summiting a peak with your best bud’s…..however there is something wrong with how bad the car smells on the way back home….