Top 3 Best Mosquito Repellents
Aside from being annoying, mosquito’s found in North America are for the most part harmless. Now if you like to travel to tropical destinations you may want to pay extra attention to this article as Malaria, Cerebral Malaria and the Zika Virus. Three in 10 Americans are worried about the threat of Zika or West  [...]
Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40 Backpack Review
Are you looking for a do everything ultralight backpack? The Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40 Backpack fit’s the bill. What’s most surprising about this backpack is just how much stuff the 40L capacity can actually hold. Gorilla 40 Ultralight Backpack Review I tested the Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40 Backpack while ski touring and backpacking over the past  [...]
Rome Whiteroom Splitboard Tramline Review
Top to bottom one of my favorite boards in this years splitboard test was the 2018 / 2019 Rome Whiteroom Splitboard part of Rome’s Tramline Collection.  If you find yourself splitboarding in snow that’s less than ideal, this board does wonders. And it works equally as well in nipple deep pow. Rome Whiteroom Splitboard Review  [...]
Kissed By God, a Film about Andy Irons
Surfing, bipolar disorder and drug addiction the film Andy Irons: Kissed by God could have easily been written about practically anyone that grew up in a surf culture, myself included.  However this film is not about your average every day surfer, instead Teton Gravity Research dove deep into the life of professional surfer Andy Irons  [...]
Five Ten Guide Tennie Approach Shoe Review
Perhaps the most tacky, confidence giving rubber comes underfoot in the updated Five Ten Guide Tennie for 2018. Find out how the Five Ten Guide Tennie approach shoe performed while hiking and scrambling in the Teton Mountains. Five Ten Guide Tennie Review What makes this shoe work? Dotty™ tread coupled with Stealth® C4™ rubber outsole.  Talk  [...]
Optimus Crux Lite Stove Review
Weighing 72 grams (2.5 ounces) the Optimus Crux Lite Stove is a no brainier to carry with you in the backcountry. The days of lugging a heavy bulky stove with you camping are long gone thanks to the Optimus Crux Lite. Optimus Crux Lite Review For a small stove the Crux Lite packs a powerful  [...]
TahoeLab Directional Splitboard Review
TahoeLab is a small company based in Lake Tahoe, California that’s been quietly cranking out hand built high quality snowboards, splitboards and skis over the past few years. Tracking down one of these splitboards was tough, but I finally got a chance to try out the 2018/19 TahoeLab Directional Splitboard, and lets just say it  [...]