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The Mountain Weekly News really loves e-bikes. We have been testing and reviewing ebikes for the last 6 years and have reviewed over 125 electric bikes and counting having published reviews of Himiway ebike, Lectric ebikes, Specialized ebike, Magnum ebike, Mokwheel ebike and many more popular e-bike brands.

From ebike commuters to dual motor ebikes, e-mtbs and even ebike mopeds and ebike dirtbikes, there’s now an electric bike on the market to suit every riders style from casual around town rides to aggressive off trail riding.

We like to focus on how the bike rides, how easy it is to get on and off the ebike frames, what the battery capacity is, suspension is really important especially when riding E-Bikes.  We also go over the weight of each e-bike, who the bike is best for, recommended rider heights and much more.  All of the e-bikes we have reviewed have personally been ridden and tested by Mountain Weekly News staff.

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