Mammut Men’s Stoney HS Jacket
The Mammut Men’s Stoney HS Jacket is perhaps the first shell that performs equally as well on the skin track as it does in the lift line.  Heck I even wore this jacket all fall in the rain, so it’s truly a multi-seasonal piece of gear you can wear throughout the year. Mammut  Stoney HS Jacket [...]
2018 Never Summer Maverix Review
… Rides equally as well in shitty snow as it does in POW. – Never Summer Maverix. Although riding in shitty snow is not recommended.. I guess that quote pretty much sums up this snowboard. Find our more in my Never Summer Maverix Review below: Never Summer Maverix Snowboard Review Not really sure what more [...]
This Whole Experiment Sounds Rather Desperate and Sad
Stop posting your Instagram photos to Facebook, there I said it.  But for real why on earth does an entire generation feel the need to inflate our egos constantly?  This whole experiment sounds rather desperate and sad. In September of 2017, The Atlantic Magazine ran an article titled: Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? The short answer [...]