Anon Sync M-Fusion Goggles Review

Snowboarder in Grand Teton National ParkScott Sheer Testing the Anon Sync Goggle | Photo Mountain Weekly News

I tested the Anon Sync M Fusion Goggles with the crisp Zeiss Lens Sonar infrared lens while storm riding in the Tetons.

Anon Sync Zeiss Lens

My first opinion of the Anon Sync Goggles with the Zeiss lens. Yes Please!  I took these Anon Goggles and didn’t even read the box or directions about how a lens change works. The lens typically installed is for sunny days and my first time out was on a usual stormy Jackson Hole day.

I was able to figure the lens change out in all but 30 seconds. Unlike some other brands with quick-change lenses, these felt very sealed and sturdy.  They come with a lens chart so if the supplied lens does not work you can figure out what to order as far as what you are exactly looking for.

19% VLT Lens Rating

One area to notice is that the sunny lenses rated at 19% VLT still had me squinting slightly. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen the sun for weeks here in Jackson.

Overall Impression

This is a high-end goggle with a high-end price tag. If you want the best that is on the market look no further than the Anon Sync M-Fusion Goggles ($189.95). Get yourself these goggles and you will not be disappointed. Happy Shredding!!

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