Bontrager Race Wheels Review

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The Bontrager Race Wheelsets brake system allows for the wheels to be easily removed. This is nice if you ever need to transport your bike in a vehicle without a bike rack. These Bontanger Wheels are designed to be used with Disc Brakes. I have been using these wheels to zip around Denver, CO as a bike commuter and wanted to give some feedback below :


The Bontrager Race Wheels are light and sturdy, designed for superior strength. The Bontrager Race Wheel weighs 965 grams (front wheel) and 1025 grams (back wheel).

The Race Disk wheelsets feature cartridge sealed bearing hubsets. 28/28-hole design is engineered to provide enough stiffness for any size rider and is welded and design specific for superior strength. The hubs are fully serviceable and the rear hub features a Cro-moly steel rear axle and cassette rotor for extra durability. The ATB rear hub design ensures excellent spoke bracing angles for improved lateral wheel stiffness. The front hub has an oversized cartridge bearings aluminum axle with adjustable pre-load. Bontrager Race Mtn Cro-moly skewers are included and the wheels are highly durable and need little maintenance.

These Bontrager Wheels come in various colors; I like classic black, as it looks clean. The wheels have a sleek design and look stylish. The one that jumps out the most is the black on black with the silver accents at the end of the spokes.

Bontrager Wheelset

I tend to be hard on my equipment and these wheels are built to last. The rims are strong and fast, the spokes are highly durable and the wheels stay true at all times. They have not needed an adjustment after several hundred miles of riding. This is a huge plus and is something I look for in a wheelset. I like that the hubset is sealed and well designed. I enjoy the ease of use when taking the wheels on and off of the bike. I like that no matter how rugged the condition the wheels are performed without even a slight hitch. I am even thinking about buying a second set so, I can have one wheelset with road tires and one set with off-road tires. These wheels were designed to take the abuse that both off and on-road biking, and they have passed with flying colors.

Overall Impression

I would recommend the Bontrager Race Wheelsets to anyone who is looking for a superior wheel that can take the abuse and keep rolling. The Bontrager Race Wheels ($229.99) are the best I have encountered yet and look forward to riding them for many more years. Due to the wheels staying so true, this reduces the amount of wear of the disc brakes, cutting down repairs and providing a smoother ride.

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