Dakine Heli Pro 24L Review

Snowboarder Mike Hardaker at Grand Targhee Resort Marry's NippleMike Hardaker Testing Dakine Heli Pro Snowboard Backpack | Photo Mountain Weekly News

A stylish backpack from Dakine that’s just as much at home sitting inside a heli basket as it is leaning against the back of a chairlift. The Dakine Heli Pro 24L Backpack is perfect for someone that likes to spend time riding around the resort with a backpack, perhaps ducking out of bounds, and even better for anyone planning a heli trip this spring.

Eric Pollard Design

Dakine Heli Pro Eric Pollard

Dakine Heli Pro Eric Pollard Pro Model | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

Over the years we have reviewed the Men’s Heli Pro in a 20L and a Women’s 26L sizes.  Both of which make great resort / heli packs.  So what is it that sets this pack aside from the others?  Well first off is just how darn sweet the backpack looks. Dakine worked with freeskier Eric Pollard for the design of this year’s Dakine Heli Pro 24L Snow Pack Team Model which is made with 100% Polyester fabric. Although it doesn’t sound all that tough, it sure looks that way especially with the black and brown looking leather style colorways that we have been seeing from Eric and Dakine over the last couple of years.

Starting from the top down there’s a fleece-lined goggle pocket at the top. On the front of the backpack is zippered snow tool/shovel pocket that has sleeves for a shovel handle and probe, along with room for a regular-sized shovel blade. (Oversized blades will not fit this pack)

The main storage compartment on this backpack is accessed via a zipper that sits against your back. As well as a zipper on the top of the backpack which I found worked best 90% of the time for reaching in and grabbing whatever you need.

The Dakine Team Heli Pro 24L backpack can easily fit the following inside.

– extra layer
– extra goggles
– extra mittens
– GoPro and pole
– snacks
– water

Along with a snowboard this backpack can also carry skis or even a splitboard thanks to the Vertical snowboard carry and Diagonal / A-frame ski carry.

Dakine also offers a smaller version of this pack.  See how they compare in our Dakine Heli Pro 20L Backpack Review.

What can be Improved?

When it comes time to get your avalanche snow safety gear out in an emergency or practice drill, you will notice there are 2 buckles on the outside of the backpack that block the zipper from opening fully. Dakine if you are listening we have talked about this before. One thing that might work would be to lower the buckles down a bit so, at 3/4 open a probe, shovel and handle would have zero problems being pulled out. Otherwise, a zipper with an angle would work.

About the only other thing that could be improved on this pack would be thicker padding on the waist belt and pockets to go along.

Overall Impression

Dakine Heli Pro Backpack Grand Targhee Mike Hardaker

Mike Hardaker Snowboarding in the Dakine Heli Pro Backpack | Photo Mountain Weekly News

With padded shoulder straps and a padded back panel, you will hardly notice you’re wearing the Dakine Heli Pro Backpack. For days that you know you’re going to be with a guide, or near a ski resort and want a little bit of comfort to go along with the required avalanche safety gear, the Dakine Heli Pro 24L Backpack ($119.95) would make a solid addition to your gear closet.

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