Saga Anomie Bib Review

Hiking Jackson Hole BackcountryScott Sheer Hiking in Saga Anomie Bibs | Photo Mountain Weekly News

After trying on numerous pairs of bibs from other manufacturers, the Saga Anomie Bibs fit me just about perfectly.  The best part of the fit is they have all the pros of a bib such as suspenders and a high waist to keep snow out but are very minimalist on the top end.

Saga Anomie Bib Fit

Jackson Hole Tram

Scott Sheer Wearing the Saga Anomie Bib at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort | Photo Mountain Weekly News

The Saga Anomie Bibs come in at an affordable price, in fact, I own a couple of pairs of bibs that cost more than double these. I am 5’9” and weigh about 175lbs and wore a Medium which fit perfectly.

These 2-layer bibs are on the heavier and warmer side so they are best used for resort riding. I do not recommend these if you plan to be out splitboarding all day long as it a heavier pant. I did manage to put in a few hours of hiking in the backcountry while wearing the Anomie Bibs and have yet to really notice the weight.

The zip-off bib is a great feature for those looking to shed some layers in the spring. I did find myself a little confused at first with all the zippers but on my third morning putting these on it was as they were my trusty old Bibs for life.

Saga Outerwear Waterproof Rating

I would not let the 10k waterproof rating scare you away. The fully taped seams and water repellent zippers are more than sufficient.  I personally did not get wet at all in these or find them to be any less waterproof if not more waterproof than the Bibs I own which are more than twice the price.

Rock Springs Jackson Hole Backcountry Snowboarder Scott Sheer

Saga Anomie Waterproof Bibs | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Overall Impression

For $249 MSRP the Saga Anomia Bib is an easy purchase. I personally fell in love with the curry color but Saga does offer the Anomie in some more traditional colors as well. Happy Shredding!

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  1. I picked up the Monarch Bib last Spring. Got to break em in on 12-21. They performed flawless. I also did a cold weather hike in them on new years day. Temp was in the high 30’s definitely got warm. Luckily they have crotch and side ventilation.

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