Shred Totality NoShock Helmet Review

Shred Totality Noshook Helmet

I want to first say that not all helmets are the same. Sizing charts are just that, a chart. I highly recommend always going to your local retailer and trying on a helmet before making that very important purchase. Luckily for me, the Shred Totality NoShock Helmet fits me like a glove!

Shred Totality NoShock BOA

The Shred Totality NoShock Helmet does have a retention system (boa type dial) on the back of the head area. For me, the helmet is a very tight fit and I only have to dial it in one turn. This helmet comes with plenty of padding and is very warm during those long quad rides.

All the padding is removable if you want to use this as your backcountry helmet or for those spring shred days. I will assume you just dial in the retention system to compensate for the lack of padding to achieve that custom fit. The one thing I have to say is that there is an overlap of padding which does create a very tight point. It is exaggerated by the fact I love to ride with earbuds.

With a little bit of tweaking of the pads I think you can totally make it so this is a none issue.

Overall Impression

Shred Helmet

I can honestly say after using the Shred Totality NoShock Helmet ($159.95) daily for a couple of weeks I will ride with no other helmet. From its proper venting to reduce fogging, anti-microbial padding, R.E.S. safety, sleek look and lightweight I am Shred ready. What a great snowboard helmet to rock.

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