Mobovi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS Watch

Couple in Hot SpringsTickWatch Pro Ultra GPS Test | Photo Mountain Weekly News

The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS has been a delightful addition to my daily routine. Easy to charge with a longer battery life than other sports watches I’ve personally worn, I can rest assured it won’t die on me from morning to night for up to three days. A larger watch face makes it easy to navigate the large array of apps that are available upon quickly downloading and connecting your Google account, calendar, and pay.

LCD Display

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The TicWtach Pro 3 Ultra LCD screen always displays the basics such as time, number of steps, and date. You wake the watch by tapping on one of the side buttons, where the world is now your oyster. Take calls, check your heart rate, track your sleep, record voice memos, and enjoy keeping the watch on in damp environments.

Is the Watch Waterproof?

It claims to be waterproof, but I’ll be honest and admit I’m not that big of a daredevil. Instead of submerging it, I challenged it to the steam of some Nevada hot springs. It works just as well as before being in a wet environment!

One of my favorite perks of this watch has to be the collection of health related apps. One of my favorites among them is the TicWatch Zenapp. It tracks your stress levels 24hrs a day, and if you find yourself being in a heavily stressed state, the TicBreath app can guide you through breathwork to calm down your nervous system. Compared to earlier versions of TicWatch Pros, there are 4 LED sensors to monitor heart rate and blood-oxygen levels for greater accuracy.

Overall Impression

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Isabelle Wearing the Mobvoi TicWatch Ultra GPS Watch | Photo Mountain Weekly News

This yoga and meditation teacher is highly impressed by the simplistic and thought out watch design found throughout the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro Ultra 3 GPS Watch ($299.99). It allows me to keep my mind-body connected at the touch of the screen while keeping up with the bustle life constantly provides.

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