The First Chair Festival is the Place to Kickoff the Ski Season
DENVER, CO – The first annual First Chair Festival presented by The Enthusiast Network hosted a nine hour event centered entirely around the ski community. From this season’s newest ski flicks to raffles, companies promoting the latest 2017/18 gear and so much more! With the doors opening at 1, I showed up and already the  [...]
Arbor Element Rocker Review
The Arbor Element snowboard is an all mountain beast. This board will do everything you think up, from side hits, to ripping steep and deep powder. With 20 years under it’s belt the Arbor Elements classic design is here to stay! Arbor Element Review Thanks to a parabolic rocker (rocker that fades out towards the  [...]
Brooks-Range Basic Snow Study Kit Review
The Brooks-Range Snow Study Kit was designed for anyone who’s looking to dig a little deeper into snow science than just simple pit analysis. This kit allows you to measure the depth of your snowpack, gauge temperatures between layers, measure slope angle, and magnify crystals to see if your dealing with a pesky surface hoar  [...]
Korua Asytoni 68 Snowboard Review
The Korua Asytoni 168 behemoth of a board is an absolute game changer. This asymmetrical pow machine is something you would expect to find in the bottom of the ocean, or on top of Everest. Learn more in my Korua Asytoni review below: I really liked how wide the board was all the way throughout.  [...]
Petzl NAO Headlamp Review
The Petzl NAO Headlamp is truly one of a kind when it comes to headlamps. I got my hands on the NAO about 2 weeks ago, and have been nothing but impressed by its versatility, illumination and the battery life. The NAONao is a 575 lumen headlamp. With 2 bulbs on the front, one for  [...]
BCA Tracker3 Beacon Review
Living in Jackson hole. There is a couple things I’ve learned you have to have. One, is a good pair of boots and the other is avalanche equipment. I have been a BCA Tracker2 owner for about 8 years. Having used it in real life scenarios, it is about as bulletproof and simple, and easy  [...]