Enough Is Enough. Or Is It? (A Perspective on Valemount)
The Valemount Glacier Destination resort is slated to begin construction in the near future. It will have the largest vertical drop of any ski resort in North America. Some of the longest ski runs in the world. And absolutely unbeatable Canadian Rocky Mountain scenery. It’s been extensively planned, approved by the government, and promises not  [...]
Bikepacking: What You Need to Know
If you pay attention to what’s going on in the outdoors, you’ve probably heard of bikepacking—and you might be wondering about it. If you haven’t heard of it, you might be a bit perplexed by the term. Whether you’ve heard of it or not, you probably want to know more about it! So here’s your  [...]
Which Colorado Ski Pass Is Right for You?
If you want to ski more than a few days a year, a season pass is a must; you pay a hefty sum up front, but if you spend even ten days on the slopes, it will pay for itself and then some. But which pass should you choose? There are a lot of options,  [...]
Ever Wanted to Build Your Own Bike Frame? Now You Can
Frame-building has long been the remit of expert builders and craftsmen; building your own bike frame by hand is something you could dream about, but not a project you could take on without a big investment. A small company called Bamboo Bee is trying to change that, though, with their BIY 2 kit, which allows  [...]
How to Brew Better Coffee : Pro Tip – It’s Worth It!
There’s something about having a cup of coffee in the mountains that makes it absolutely unbeatable by any café experience in the lowlands. Whether it’s the altitude, the clean mountain air, or just a general feeling of being at peace, you can’t top a mountainside cup of coffee. Whether you’re in the mountains or not,  [...]
Technology to Get You in Shape
Whether you’re a highly trained athlete or working on your first couch-to-5k plan (or even just getting started with walking), you could probably use some help with motivation. And while there are plenty of great motivational strategies you can use, sometimes you need something a bit more immediately physical—and that’s what these five devices are  [...]