12 of the Best Men’s Hybrid Bikes For Zipping Around Town
Hybrid bikes give riders the best of both worlds: they’re efficient and comfortable on the road, but they’re capable enough for some light off-road riding, too. They’re perfect for commuters, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone who’s looking for a general-purpose bike that can do anything. But there are tons of hybrids out there—how do you pick  [...]
All of Your Questions About Evaporative Cooling, Answered
Now that summer has arrived in the Rockies, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to cool your home. Your traditional air conditioning unit works well, but it also uses a ton of energy and isn’t great for the environment. Evaporative air coolers (also known as “swamp coolers”) are a more affordable, more  [...]
Best Backpacking Tents 2018
Having the right tent when you’re camping makes a big difference. If your tent isn’t up to the task, you’ll be cold, wet, and miserable. Choosing the right tent isn’t easy, but we’ve gathered ten of the best tents for car camping and backpacking. Whether you’re looking for an ultralight single-person tent for backpacking or  [...]
Climate Change Hits Colorado Hard in 2018
2018 saw one of Colorado’s least snowy winters on record. Denver was 33 inches below average. In January, the Denver Post reported a 30-year low in snowpack. Winter Park’s 2017–18 season only netted 71% of average snowfall. The low precipitation and warmer weather through the winter has put much of Colorado into drought status: Some  [...]