The Top 10 Indoor Bike Trainers
Whether you’re riding inside because it’s winter or you want to escape the blazing heat of summer, an indoor trainer or exercise bike is your best friend. But which trainer or bike will help you get the biggest boost to your fitness? These cycling trainers and exercise bikes will give you the best indoor workouts  [...]
Muddy Trail Etiquette: Spring Rules for Cyclists
Now that we’re fighting our way out of winter and mountain bike trails are opening up, it’s time we have the annual conversation about muddy trail etiquette. Should you ride muddy trails? Should you avoid them? We deal with these questions every year, so let’s put the record straight. (Then you can just bookmark this  [...]
This Is What Today’s Best E-Bikes Look Like
What do you think of when you hear “electric bike”? While the idea for an electrically-powered bicycle has been around for a long time, they’ve really started capturing the imagination of riders in the past decade or so. But there are still a lot of misconceptions. People think that e-bikes are clunky, or are basically  [...]
Fly Fishing Essentials
The holidays are almost upon us, and that means it’s gift-giving season again! Not sure what to get for the fly fisherman or fisherwoman in your life? Checkout our picks for the best recommended Fly Fishing essentials for new fisherman and experienced anglers alike. Redington Crux Fly Rod If your fly fisher needs a new  [...]
Best Snowboard Socks for Men
When you’re on the slopes, having cold feet can turn a great powder day into a misery-fest. The right snowboard sock is a game-changer. But how do you know which socks are the best? That’s what we’re here for. Below you’ll find 17 of the best snowboard socks and ski socks around. Find one that  [...]
8 of Best MTB Shoes to Upgrade Your Ride
There are only three places where you’re connected to your mountain bike: your handlebar, your saddle, and your pedals. And you often aren’t on your saddle. That means your shoes can make up half of the interface between you and your bike. That’s a big deal. Upgrading your old MTB shoes to something newer and  [...]
13 Best Full Suspension and Hard Tail Mountain Bikes
Whether you’re looking for downhill crushers, cross-country speed machines, or something in the middle, you’ll find it here. And you’ll find the best builds, lightest carbon, and stiffest wheels out there. All you have to do is look and drool. Paying is an entirely different matter. Plus-Sized Traction: Salsa Pony Rustler Carbon 27.5+ is here  [...]