Skiing with Trolls in Iceland
Compared to other European ski destinations, Iceland is a relative new arrival to the global ski scene. Geographically isolated from the rest of Europe, the local economy was based on fishing and whaling, which gathered little attention to the first traveling skiers of the early 20th century. However the economic boom experienced by Western Europe  [...]
How to Raise an Athlete
The all-American dream; what newborn doesn’t have a starry eyed parent dreaming about their kid winning the Super Bowl or an Olympic Gold Medal? Mountain Weekly News takes a look at how to raise an athlete. It’s a long journey from getting your toddler to stop slamming their head against the TV every time Kung-Fu  [...]
Scarpa Maestrale RS Alpine Touring Ski Boot Review
Since its inception in 2012, the Scarpa Maestrale RS has been lauded as the second coming of the messiah by many big names in the ski industry (I’m looking at you, Lou Dawson). Praised for its relatively low weight, and widely used by guides and patrollers due to its great walking mode paired with the  [...]
Surly Ice Cream Truck Review
The first time you see one in a store or in a magazine it’s a common mistake to think, “huh, must be an acquired taste, kind of like eating haggis, or whatever it is telemarkers do on skis”. But fat bikes have gone mainstream by now, and it is not a coincidence, as they’re as  [...]
Investing in a Good Sleeping Bag
A good sleeping bag is worth its weight in gold. It only takes one bad night out, freezing your derriere off at 2am, to swear by everything that’s holy that you’re buying adequate sleeping quarters with your next paycheck. But don’t break the piggy bank just yet; with today’s ever-lighter synthetic fills and a decent  [...]