If You Got a Kid, You Need a Strider
“When I got the bike I must have been the happiest boy in Liverpool, maybe the world.” — some dude named John Lennon who I heard did some cool stuff once upon a time. I’m not a biker. I grew up in the urban concrete of downtown Baltimore and became a young man in the  [...]
14 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas
Dad doesn’t want junk for his birthday. Dad’s a larger-than-life man who took on his unrivaled ability to influence his children as a privilege, not a challenge. I mean, you’re responsible for making sure your family has a life full of adventure and experience (as safely as possible, of course) and really, how can you  [...]
K2 Joy Driver Split Review
Joy is such a subjective thing. Finishing my season on K2’s Joy Driver cemented that in my mind. I had fun on the board, no doubt it would’ve been a hoot if I’d taken it for a spin in a well-groomed terrain park (though it’s a split) or even sessioned a backcountry booter. As spring  [...]
Venture Storm Splitboard Review
They call it Stormy Monday but Tuesday’s just as rad. Basically every day, every lap can be an adventure in burly charging on the Venture Storm. Having gotten a good couple months on this deck over one manic depressive Teton winter, I can say this is about the best split for hard riding, like, 80%  [...]
Black Diamond Expedition 3 Poles Review
My hands get cold. Like “Still can’t feel the tips a day later” cold. At first I thought it was just an issue of gloves. And yeah, it is an issue of gloves, and circulation. But there’s another reason you wouldn’t think about — poles with those hard rubber handles and below them metal, sucking  [...]