Arbor Sequoia Women’s Snowboard Bindings Review

Womens Snowboard with BindingsArbor Sequoia Binding Test | Photo Stephanie Buelow Mountain Weekly News

The Arbor Sequoia Bindings are a fun and sporty ride. These bindings were easy and quick to put on my boards and adjust to my preferred stance. The Sequoia binding is a responsive binding, that does not hold back. The binding has a medium flex and is ideal for intermediate riders. Arbor has packed a ton of details in to this binding from the cast aluminum buckles to the baseplates. 

Arbor Sequoia Bindings Baseplates

Womens Snowboard Binding

Arbor Sequoia Base Plates | Photo Stephanie Buelow Mountain Weekly News

The Arbor Sequoia Bindings feature the System X baseplates that help to more efficiently transfer your energy and micromovements. This is great for quick turns and reacting on the slopes. Arbor has included a women’s specific adjustable heelcup made from a durable extruded aluminum.

Sequoia Asymmetrical Highbacks

This heelcup combined with their mini-disk helps to find that sweet spot in your stance and is worth tuning in. I also really enjoyed both the asymmetrical highbacks and tooless adjustable forward lean. Arbor installed the patented “Bow-Strap” where the straps bow out of your way when not in use. This makes skating the board safer and getting ready to strap in easier. I loved this feature and it was so simple.

Snowboard Binding Highback

Arbor Sequoia Women’s Snowboard Binding Heel Cup | Photo Stephanie Buelow Mountain Weekly News

The Arbor Sequoia comes out of the package smooth and easy to install. You ride it flawlessly with their innovative “Bow-Strap” and its made to fit your style with snug heelcups, asymmetrical highbacks, and all the possible micro-adjustments. Take the time to play with these bindings when setting them up, they are enjoyable to install so you won’t mind. The Sequoia are offered in all classic board mounting patterns, 4×4, 2×4 and channel.

Overall Impression

Women Snowboard Powder Turn

Stephanie Below Snowboarding in the Arbor Sequoia Binding | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Bindings aren’t gear you change out each season, Arbor decked these bindings out in some really classy colors that are all matte and will trend-forward nicely on any board. I would recommend the Arbor Sequoia Bindings ($199) to any intermediate rider who wants a nice fitted binding. A great all mountain snowboard binding for women.

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