Top 10 Snowboard Goggles for 2021

Top Snowboard Goggles

It doesn’t matter how good you are on your boards if you can’t see. And given the number of tree branches flying into your face when charging through the woods, and the very real fact that if you’re not faceplanting you’re obviously not riding hard enough, you need eye-shields that can take a beating. Here are our picks for the best snowboard goggles this season.

Best Snowboard Goggles

Zeal Snowboard Goggles

Zeal Portal Goggles

Zeal’s long made some of the sickest-looking goggles around and the Zeal Portal Goggles lives up to that. The rimless lenses help prevent the Portal from looking as bug-eyed as any competitor with even close to as wide a range of vision. I mean, these things are like looking at the hill in
IMAX. But their RLS system means Zeal’s Portal may have the easiest lens switchability on this list. Combined with field of vision and you’re rocking something next-level on your face.

Price: $229.99

Smith Goggles for Snowboarding

Smith 4D Mag

Smith’s 4D Mag Goggle has one of the best lens replacement systems in the business. The BirdsEye Vision and ChromaPop performance reaches back to Smith’s decades of goggle tech experience. The strap is super easy to adjust, with a clip for easy on and off around your snowboard helmet. The 3-layer DriWix foam and AirEvac anti-fogging tech ensure that the air can flow through your lenses to keep your lenses from fogging up. I mean, Smith has been making since way before snowboarding was even a term. No doubt they’d make the most teched up and multifeatured eye shields out there.

Price: $280.00

Spy Legacy Goggles

Spy Legacy Goggles

Spy was probably the first snowboard goggle company out there, a rival to all those square skier-powered boring old frames and lenses. And their style has held over for years. Their Spy Legacy Goggles incorporates the Spy Happy Lens delivering enhanced color and contrast and clarity. Their lens change system allows you to change the lens without touching the lens, saving it from the acid of your dirty little grubbing fingers. And their OTG integration with its subtle notches makes it so they fit perfectly over your prescription glasses because, you know, seeing is important and there’s nothing lamer than picking up a contact lens after a beating. And the Spy Legacy goggles look sick.

Price: $230.00

Airblaster Snowboard Goggle

Airblaster Savage Air

Are you a real snowboarder? Then you have no money, but still expect top performance. Airblaster knows that. It’s why the Airblaster Savage Air the best goggle that won’t drain your change purse. The lens, frame, and straps are so freakishly flexible, you can flex them so easily that you’ll never have to mess around getting them over your dome. Their anti-fogging tech punches absurdly above their weight, and the sick little styling on the strap makes these look awesome.

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Shred Goggles

Shred Simplify

The Shred Simplify is one of the most whole goggles on the market. By that I mean it combines all the best features — wide lens; the 1-2-3 Shred Replacement system which makes lens replacement as easy as going outside on a pow day; and their lens tech kills it. Their Contrast
Boosting Lens can pull out all the most subtle undulations in the hill, regardless of how the light is. And their Nodistortion tech just adds. Add to that the fact that Shred is probably the hottest lens brand out there and you got the whole package.

Price: $219.95

Bolle TSAR Ski Goggles

Bolle TSAR Goggles

We all have different head shapes, and when you throw in a helmet too, there’s no way one pair of goggles will fit everybody. But Bolle’s TSAR has hinges upon hinges, which is why they can tout it as universal fit. Their Carbo-Glass Anti-Scratch is killer, but their P80+ anti-fog treatment and the equalizer vents between goggle lenses add up to arguably the best fog prevention there is.

Price: $109.99

Julbo Skydome Goggles

Julbo Skydome

The Julbo Skydome is the future, like sci-fi/Schwarzenegger/J. Fox/flying care tech that’s obviously fake future. They use Reactiv Photochromic lenses which means that the lens darkens when it’s brighter out and gets lighter on low-light days. The Reactiv Performance lens can adjust from 17% to 75% visible light transmission. What a world.

Price: $259.95

Anon Womens Snowboard Goggle

Anon WM1

Anon’s WM1 is a goggle that takes into account one very important fact — women’s heads and faces aren’t as big as men’s. This marries all the best features of Anon’s M4 into a shape and size that’s perfect for a woman’s face. Those Sonar Zeiss WM1 Lenses. The magnet lens replacement. NEar-bulletproof strength. All in a little, female-friendly package.

Price: $229.95

Bolle Womens Ski and Snowboard Goggle

Bolle Scarlett Goggles

Bolle made their Scarlett goggle as a stylish and woman-centered upgrade to their sickest eye coverings. Its ding-proof Carbo-Glas anti-scratch coating. Double lenses, Flow-tech venting, and P80+ anti-fog ensure you’ll be able to work extra hard on a deep day without your eyes going cloudy. But the look is gorgeous, with black straps and accents, and the right size to fit the faces of the better gender. Again, married to Bolle’s prestigious commitment to tech.

Price: $99.99

Anon Top Snowbaord Goggle M4

Anon M4 Goggles

Anon’s M4 Goggle are bulletproof, look and full of no-expense-spared top-of-the-line tech. Their Sonar by Zeiss lens makes the world clearer than even that thin mountain air can. Zeiss is like the Rolex of lenses so it’s not surprising that Burton, the Cadillac of snowboard companies, has incorporated it into their top-of-the-line brand. And they even have this MFI thing that uses magnets to lock lenses into the frame. Double lenses double the strength of these goggles and the mirror outer layer make you look like a boss standing at the top of the hill, ready to drive it down like a boss.

Price: $299.95

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