Sabre Bear Spray Review

Grouse Hunting Jackson Hole Wyoming Frontiersman Bear SprayMike Hardaker Grouse Hunting in Jackson WY with Frontiersman Bear Spray | Photo Jonah Sloven Mountain Weekly News

We play outdoors a lot at the Mountain Weekly News. It’s our job to go outside and test products. So when we do especially in bear country, there’s one tool that always comes with us, a can of Frontiersman Bear Pepper Spray.

Frontiersman Bear Spray Size

Not all bear sprays are created equal and not all bears are the same size. With that being said when you’re recreating in bear country having proper bear spray and a strong piece of mind are crucial.

Sabre Bear Sprays Frontiersman

Assorted Bear Spray Sizes | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

Frontiersman Bear Spray made by SABRE is available in 2 sizes – 7.9 oz and 9.2 oz. Honestly, either size will most likely do the trick if you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To minimize your chances of having an encounter with a bear in the first place, Frontiersman Bear Spray offers the Frontiersman Bear Horn which will in theory alert bears that someone is in the area and they should take off. This is similar to how hikers in the know attach bells on their dog’s collars or to their own walking sticks to avoid startling a bear.

Frontiersman Bear SABRE Horn

Jonah Slovan Testing the Frontiersman Bear Horn | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

Frontiersman Bear Spray Distance

Bear Spray Distances

With Frontiersman’s 9.2 oz Bear Bera Pepper Spray Canister a single blast can shoot out to 35 feet (10.6 m) in distance. This will give you an even better chance of stopping a charging bear in its tracks.

Both models come with a Frontiersman Bear Spray Holster. Personally, I never was able to dial in the fit of the Bear Spray holster against my hip. Instead, I prefer to put the bear spray canister in my back pocket, or inside pockets along with my backpack or even sometimes in a chest pocket if applicable.

Regardless of where you decide to store your bear spray, it needs to be available on the fly. Not shoved into the bottom of a zippered pack.

Grizzly bears can reportedly reach up to 35 miles an hour, and this one looks like it was moving close to that speed. Usain Bolt, at top speed, reaches just over 27 miles per hour.

Even with the Frontiersman Bear Spray’s 35 feet of stopping range, it’s best practice to always have your bear spray accessible, and ready to fire.

Practice Bear Spray Canister

A Grizzly Bear is charging toward you and your family, you pull out your bear spray canister, and now what? Thankfully Sabre and Frontiersman have thought this scenario through and through. Most likely you haven’t practiced for this once in a lifetime potentially life-threatening event of a bear charging you. (yet..)

Luckily there’s the 7.9 oz Practice Bear Spray from Frontiersman. What this innate bear spray canister does is allow you to use real-life practice drills to see how quickly you can access your bear spray. More importantly how fast you can depress the canister button to activate the spray.

Do you need to take the safety off? Did you fumble with this at all? If so keep playing aka practicing until you feel 100% confident.

Bear Spray Test Practice
But won’t the practice canister sting my eyes? The 7.9 oz Practice Bear Spray has zero bear spray chemicals added. It’s basically a big blast of air that simulates depressing a bear canister in the field. You might want to even cover your ears, this thing’s loud.

If you plan to travel in bear habitat, especially Grizzly Bear terrain it would be in your best interest to practice, practice, and practice some more. Same goes for everyone you plan to travel with.

Frontiersman Bear Spray is available starting at $39.99-$69.99 depending on the size. SABRE makes one of the best bear sprays on the market.

Pro Tip: Last but not least make sure you practice with the real canisters and practice canisters outdoors. I accidentally set one off near my truck and it took a while to get that burning in the eyes sensation to go away. The way I felt would certainly make a bear think twice about continuing in the direction of the blast.

Be safe out there.

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