Merrell Coldpack Boots Review

Merrell Coldpack Ice BootsTesting the Merrell Coldpack Boots in Grand Teton National Park | Photo Sam Roubin Mountain Weekly News

The Merrell Coldpack Ice+ 8” zip-up snow boots are a comfortable, lightweight, and warm piece of footwear that are very versatile. They fit very well and seemed to be true-to-size. Because of the zipper design on the side of the boot, they were extremely easy to get on and off unlike many other types of snow boots I have used in the past. These boots are relatively small and compact compared to the field of snow boots, which added a lot of benefits, but they lacked the ability to withstand trudging through deep snow.

Merrell Coldpack Ice Comfort

Winter Boots in Snow

Merrel;l Coldpack Ice with Vibram Soles | Photo Mountain Weekly News

If you need boots for walking through deep snow, these may not be the best option for you, but for just about anything else, they will be great! I wore these boots out on a sunrise photography mission in the Tetons one morning when it was -10 degrees outside. Paired with wool socks, my feet stayed comfortably warm pretty much the entire morning. They were really comfortable to walk around in, and I found that while driving I barely noticed they were on my feet because of the supreme fit and comfort. Both the boots and my feet stayed very dry for a majority of the morning because of the waterproofed materials and the breathable design. The only problem I ran into with these boots arose when I was walking through knee-deep snow for an extended period of time. I found that snow would get inside of the boot from the heel area. Otherwise, my feet would have stayed warm and dry the whole morning. To be sure, these boots can easily handle ankle-deep, if not slightly deeper snow without a problem.

The Merrell Coldpack Ice+ boots are made of a grain leather and rubber to ensure lasting durability. I noticed that the front and heel of the boot is covered by a rubber cap that helped with stability, foot protection, and also increased toughness and longevity. The traction on these boots felt strong and secure–– even on the slippery snowy roads and trails I was walking on, I never felt like I was going to slip. Another thing I liked about these boots was their laceless design. This design keeps the boots looking clean and simple, while improving the ease of getting them on and off.

Overall Impression

Boots on Ice

Merrell Coldpack Ice Boots on Ice | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Overall, the lightweight design of these boots allowed them to be breathable and warm at the same time, and the simple, laceless design made sure that they looked clean and sleek. Compared with other snowboots I have used, the Merrell Coldpack Ice Boots ($170.00) offer a lightweight, more compact option that is still very effective as a boot. I will be using these boots for many of my winter adventures, as long as I’m not planning on walking through deep snow for long periods of time!

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