Icebug Boots Metro2 Men’s BUGrip Review

Icebug Metro2 BUGrip Winter Walking ShoeIcebug Metro2 BUGrip Shoe Test | Photo Ryan Ariano Mountain Weekly News

The best treads, the biggest lugs, they can’t do anything on ice to even begin to rival the Icebugs BUGrip treads in the Icebug Metro2. With their metal studs, these boots dig into even the hardest ice. They have some with all-rubber studs but I had the metal ones. Not the kind of shoes you can wear to the bar. But taking the dog on a walk, or even driving to a friend’s house where you can take them off and walk around in socks, these prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself walking or jogging around. Much better to hurt yourself doing something rad.

Icebug BUGrip

BUGrip Ice Walking Cleats on Shoes from Icebug

BUGrip Soul | Photo Mountain Weekly News

When I picked up my steel-studded Icebugs, my first thought was how much my mother needs a pair of these. Which makes sense since Icebug was founded in 2001 by a mother and son team based around one simple concept: add steel pegs to waterproof winter shoes to kick up traction on winter ice. The Metro2 has a zip on the side and clean, black style that looks as good on the streets as in the neighborhood. Fleece lining kicks up the warmth while the suede/ProtexPU upper protects your feet from snow and water. But again, the 16 carbide tips grind into the ice covering your sidewalks and roads all winter, especially those of us in the mountains. And they weigh in at 2.12 pounds so they’re pretty much guaranteed to wear comfortably no matter how you use it.

I’ve definitely slipped when walking to the car, to a house. But while walking the dogs with my mom, I discovered how icy going for long walks on a winter road can be. I didn’t slip, even though I was holding leashes and at spots even holding up my mom. That’s real performance.

Icebug BUGrip on Ice

Walking on Snow

Ryan Ariano Running in the Icebug BUGrip Shoes | Photo Mountain Weekly News

My parents’ house’s walkway tends to ice up pretty bad given the orientation so I put on the Icebugs when I went over there. They were fine on my carpeting. Fine walking in the snow to the car. Fine driving in the shoes even. And amazing on the ice up their walkway. Where I’d suggest you never wear these? On hard wood or stone/tile.

I even tried to slip by stepping on purpose on the ice but seriously just couldn’t get them to move. With every step, you’re locked in.

Then I tried running in them. They’re obviously not made for any real distance (Icebug does have running shoes though), but for the 1.3 mile lap I made around my block they worked amazing. My street is pretty icey, especially a day after the plow when that hardpack gets sun warmed and then refreezes.

Overall Impression

The Icebug Metro ($199.95) is an amazing thing to have if you find yourself somewhere where the ice can get real nasty. It’s got street style but athleisure functionality, just as good for a short walk as a long walk or even a little run. You can even drive in them. Just make sure you have a change of shoes for walking around indoors. Carpet is okay. Hard surfaces, especially stone or concrete, will land you on your tailbone faster than slipping on ice. Which will no longer happen now that you have Icebugs.

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