Sweet Protection Goggles Review

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Paired with my new Switcher Helmet was a pair of Sweet Protections Clockwork RIG Goggles. At first glance these things are sleek and have a huge lens! Together with the helmet they have an absolutely seamless fit and compatibility.

Sweet Protection RIG Technology

Ski Goggle

Built with their proprietary RIG technology, the tag line is “confidence in contrast”. I have to agree. Colors with these things really POP! I tried out the Topaz lens which is their workhorse. Perfect snowboard helmet for sunny and overcast days this was ideal for the on and off cycles we’ve been getting here in the Tetons. The otherwise blank white of a run was now filled with subtle textures helping me charge confidently.

The Clockwork google is also built with a double lens and GORE Protective Vents. The idea here is to equalize pressure between the lenses in order to minimize distortion. In addition, they’ve assembled these with the first toric lens. The sculpted “eye black” geometry has two different curves to again increase contrast, reduce glare, and strengthen the lens. Whoa, fancy stuff.

Overall Impression

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I have to say I am impressed again with Sweet Protection. They have some industry leading technology built into both their snowboard helmets and goggles. It seems like a no brainer to invest in quality gear like the Sweet Protection Clockwork RIG Goggles ($169.95) that will keep you safe, having fun, and looking good.

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