ToughTested Jump Starter V8: An Essential Piece of your Emergency Car Kit

Jump Starter Pocket SizeToughTested Pocket Size Jump Starter Test | Photo Ryan Ariano Mountain Weekly News

ToughTested’s Jump Starter V8 is something that I really coulda used 7 years ago. I’d just driven from L.A. to Mt. High for the day, leaving just before dawn but with the big dump dropping, I had my headlights on even after sunrise. And at the end of the day, a might-I-add abnormally cold day at Mt. High, my truck wouldn’t start. Nothing more fun after a bell-to-bell resort day than wandering around the parking lot trying to find somebody at his car WITH jumper cables. It took me almost an hour. But with the Jump Starter V8, I coulda had it fired up and been heading home in less than a minute.

What is the Jump Starter V8?

ToughTested Car and Truck Jump Starter

ToughTested Jump Starter Charging a Tablet | Photo Ryan Ariano Mountain Weekly News

The ToughTested Jump Starter V8 is an energy holder about the size of a thick smartphone (iPhone XII eat your heart out). But in that small package is enough juice to jump start a V6 car, a V8 truck, a Diesel, supposedly even a boat. And it’s got a rugged enough rubber exterior that it’ll never get ruined by the wettest, coldest temps.

ToughTested’s Jump Starter V8 comes with a nice little carrying case that includes a car charger (because after jumping your battery, you might as well recharge the Jump Starter V8 in case your battery’s bad and you’ll need to start it back up again). Included is the USB cable to recharge the Jump Starter (how can you tell it’s charged? when you push the side on/off button, all 5 indicator lights turn on). And the Ingenious Spark Proof clamps. All in a case small enough to innocuously slide under your seat.

And yes, obviously when you need a jump, this thing comes in huge. But there’s a usage I’ve found a bit more regularly applicable. Do you know what an iPad is? It’s a gift from God to parents everywhere who love to take their kids on adventures. And yes, it’d be nice if they look
out the window, draw, do mazes, whatever. But sometimes you just need to entertain the kids for a second. If the iPad runs out of juice, especially on a plane without a plug, or in a backseat with no plug easily accessible, you’re SOL. Thing is, you can hook it up to the Jump Starter V8 and keep the party going.

How to Use It

Small Jump Starter for Mountains

ToughTested Jump Starter Carrying Case Easy to Store | Photo Ryan Ariano Mountain Weekly News

Yeah, this thing is super easy. The ports are well-marked — one side has the input for the device and the USB output, the other side has the 12V ports for the Ingenious Spark Proof clamps. When you hook them in, you turn on the Jump Starter V8 by hitting the side button, which also turns on the super-powerful light to make sure you’re hooking it up to the right terminals. But if you don’t know which terminal goes to which clamp, the Ingenious Spark Proof Clamps will tell you. There’s a light in them and if you’ve got it hooked up incorrectly, the light goes red. If you’ve got it hooked up correctly, the light goes green. Then you hit the Boost button and go crank your engine. Done.

Overall Impression

The ToughTested Jump Starter ($99.99) is a smartphone-sized device that can start your vehicle should your battery die. Or recharge your iPad or Smartphone should you lose that ability to call for help (if your starter’s crapped out, no jump will help you and if it’s cold your phone will die with the quickness). Or should you just need the kid’s damn iPad to work?

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