BCA Tracker3 Beacon Review

BCA Tracker 3 Beacon Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly NewsBCA Tracker 3 Beacon Test | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

I was surprised when I got my hands on the brand new BCA Tracker 3 Avalanche Beacon. The sleek, lightweight, NON-Bulkiness of it is amazing. BCA has done a heck of a job slimming down the Tracker3.

Three Antenna Beacon

You beeping? Trailhead Tracker3 beacon check Photo Cody | Mountain Weekly News

You beeping? Trailhead Tracker3 beacon check | Photo Cody Clark Mountain Weekly News

The profile of the BCA Tracker 3 Beacon is so low that I sometimes panic on the skin track thinking ‘where is my beacon? It should be jabbing my ribs’ but that is a thing of the past.

This beacon offers easy functionality. Being a slide button and a 3 stop, turn switch, you go from off to transmitting to searching in a snap.

BCA’s Tracker 3 is a three-antenna beacon which seems to be the industry standard these days. The signal suppression is very easy to use in multiple burial situations.

I did some mock scenarios and had my buddies throw their beacons into a field while I had my eyes closed.

BCA Beacon Video

Then I progressed to time myself on a 1:4 search. With the Tracker3 they have a unique way of isolating multiple victims. They have a multi-victim signal, a multi-victim both-within-six-meter signal, and a more-than-two-victim signal. I found this useful because I had three beacons within six meters. So this made me, in search mode, go into high gear knowing three ‘people’ are within reach.

My total time on the scenario for all four was just 4.5 minutes. The ability to suppress one signal and key in on the next closest one was huge. That could be life or death in a real scenario.

Overall Impression

Coming from the Tracker2 to the Tracker3, I was really looking for some cons in the T3, simply because I don’t want to always write about how awesome every product is. Unfortunately for me, BCA did an amazing job at refining the size and making the BCA Tracker3 Beacon ($349,95) even easier to use than the T2. I would recommend this beacon to anyone in the market, from beginner to pro. I don’t think there is more bang for your buck than the BCA Tracker 3 ($335).

Cody staying safe deep in the Tetons thanks to the BCA Tracker 3 Photo | Mountain Weekly News

Cody staying safe deep in the Tetons thanks to the BCA Tracker3 Photo | Mountain Weekly News

I have been a BCA Tracker2 owner for about 8 years. Having used it in real life scenarios, it is about as bulletproof and simple, and easy to use as they come. The Tracker2 was great in every aspect except one. It is a chunky beacon. I always felt that I had a brick jabbed into my ribs when going to tighten my straps or going for a grab off a cliff. It was a necessary evil that I know would happen every time I went to touch my board.

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  1. JJ,
    Thank you for your input. I understand that it sounds very positive in comparison to the Tracker2. I would like to let you know that while writing the article the Tracker2 and Tracker3 are the only beacons I have had extensive use in the field with. We, at MTN WEEKLY support modern innovation especially when it comes to avalanche safety. I simply did not want to compare to beacons I personally haven’t had my hands on yet. Thank you for the support JJ!


  2. This is a really sugar and sweet review, just like a lot of sites do. However, you are only comparing to one other beacon that is over ten years old. You do not consider using something that may be a couple millimeters wider in exchange for a 30% larger search range, nor do you consider or time the advances of using a beacon that has actual marking, something BCA initially discounted as rare and not-important and now is behind the curve. Not trying to bash any product but I think a quality site like yours should be very considerate of modern innovation and actual street story results as you do so well.

  3. Nice review of the BCA Tracker 3 avalanche transceiver. I’ve used this transceiver extensively over the last two seasons and absolutely love it for its small size and outstanding functionality. Keep up the good work.

    • When Stephen Koch trust his life and more importantly uses the Tracker3 so he can come home safely to see his boys. It says something. Everyone knows about Jeremy Jones these days… Thanks Stephen, truly appreciate the comment and for letting us checkout the beacon last year. It got me really stoked on the BCA Tracker’s


    • Stephen,

      Thanks for your input! It will be difficult to go in other directions when it comes to the T3.
      Thanks again,

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