How to Shoot Long Exposure Photos
This is a shot that I took (and am in…) a couple of weeks ago. It’s what I’m referring to as a long exposure action shot. I had some help from my friends Pete Haugh and Sean Delaney to make it all come together. It takes a lot of things coming together to get a  [...]
How to Photo Frame
So this is a photo I took of some old mining ruins up in Mayflower Gulch in central Colorado. It is one of the most scenic and easy to access amphitheaters in Colorado, and the morning that my friend Justin McCarty and I were there last week, the light was about as good as it  [...]
How to Take Sunset Photos
This is a photo I took of my friend Drew Rouse on a drive coming back from Powder Mountain in Utah. The Sunset Photography was looking unreal so I had to try to get a shot. Turns out that where we turned off of Hwy 40 out in the Utah desert was a perfect and  [...]