Jones Flagship Review aka the Rhino Chaser
Introducing the powerful The Jones Flagship Snowboard dubbed “Rhino Chaser” by the man himself aka Jeremy Jones is the premier freeride board in the Jones lineup. This board can handle anything you throw at it, from icy bumps and hard pack to steep pow lines, this snowboard was made to slay the most variable terrain [...]
Rossignol XV Review
One of the best, if not the best big mountain board on the market Rossignol has been making boards for a while and yet the only thing they are know for in snowboarding is losing team riders like Jermey Jones, Chad Otterstrom and yes, at one time even Travis Rice. When you hear Rossi you [...]
Crampons for Snowboard Boots
Now your no mountaineer, you’re a snowboarder so what do need to know before shelling out a couple hundo for crampons? Well for starters you more than likely have a friend who bought crampons and used them once so ask around and figure out when you should use crampons for hiking the lines you’ve been [...]
GNU Billy Goat Review
The GNU Billy Goat will replace every board you have ever owned and open your eyes to endless possibilities! There have been few if any boards that I have ever ridden that can truly “do it all”. The Gnu Billy goat is one of them. Designed by the legend himself Temple Cummins, and the boys [...]