AKU Superalp GTX 3 Season Hiking – Trekking Boot Review
Although Aku footwear remains relatively boutique in the US, the family owned marque has been hand-crafting high end footwear in Italy for over 30 years. And while “hand-crafted” and “Italian” are generally synonymous with “overpriced,” the $339.99 Superalp GTX boots have a feature set and build quality that back up their top-shelf price tag. AKU [...]
Baffin Lightning Snowmobile Boots
Snowmobile boots have long been polarizing pieces of gear, dividing those who want fuzzy slippers and those who prefer real ankle armor. Just a handful of years ago professional snowcross racers resorted to wearing stiff snowboard boots for their inherent ankle protection, as snowmobile manufacturers hadn’t yet viewed sledding as an impact sport. So as [...]
Dakine Airstream Jacket Review
When considering technical outerwear, brands like Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Marmot, and a host of high dollar Euro companies may first come to mind. But with offerings like their new Gore-Tex Airstream jacket, DaKine looks to carve out a spot amongst the quintessential players. At first blush, the Dakine Airstream jacket looks like typical backcountry fare: 3-layer [...]
Spark R&D Afterburner Review
In 2014 the snowboard industry swooned as Spark R&D’s Tesla system set out to remove the word “slowboarder” from skier’s vocabulary. By eliminating the bothersome pins that most splitboard bindings require to affix themselves to the board, the Tesla’s “snap ramps” put changeover times within seconds of skier’s. Conveniences aside, the wide and supportive straps [...]
The Five Faux Pas of Sled-Skiing
Snowmobiling 101: It’s not secret that a new snowmobile is the ultimate accessory for a skier or snowboarder. But misconceptions on the use of the “poor man’s helicopter” run rampant in our crowd. Here’s a few things not to say/do if your new to the sled-ski game. “I just want a cheap sled to get [...]